need help!!!

ok u guys i got a dark magic about 20 days ago
and i need to modtfy it.
i seen some mods but i need 2 of them ??? ???

you can sand down the starburst and replace the o ring with rtv silicone or flowable silicone

WHY? there is nothing wrong with a stock DM.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

before you do any perminate damage like sanding it, try shims first. wait, do you have the new DM, because then there is nothing to sand…

if that is the case, makesure you are using the c bearing and if you are, then shim it.

But really, if you can’t think of something specific to improve (the response is too grippy) but just something in general (I want a better yoyo) then honestly, don’t just do random mods to it. My DM lasted me from Jan. 2009, to around April 2009, where I siliconed one side, just a small thing, almost not even a mod, and left it that way all the way until I got an M1 in September.

And why do you need 2 mods? What do you want to accomplish?