DM mod

Would this work? I’ve heard of people buying two dm’s and making a full starburst and a full o-ring. What is you bought the two, a spare axel, red shims, and silicone pads. Make a double o-ring with shims because of the adjustible gap and replace the o-rings with silicone. Wouldn’t it be just like an undersized new breed but heavier?

yes it would work if you make a starburst and an o ring yoyo.
the dark magic has a different shape then the new breed so it would be like the new breed and the dark magic isnt undersized its medium sized.
You dont kneed shims for the dark magic its only if you want your gap bigger

Well the idea is to make the gap bigger. with shims you wouldnt need to worry about adjusting the size all the time(cause the gap can get pretty small). It wouldbe nice if they made a dm2 with a wide fixed gap and silicone.