Help with my Dark Magic 1

Hey guys and gals…

I love my DM1 but I’m tired of my knuckles getting smacked from snagging. I am planning on filing down the starburst and silicon in the O-ring space. I use slick-six strings.

I don’t want to go ahead and mutilate my throw before I asked for your sage advice. You can’t un-file down the starburst. (file up?)

Thanks in advance for your help!

You don’t need to shave the starburst, Add shims and shave down the o-ring so it’s flush with the wall.

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My buddy shaved his starburst and silcone down and he loves it. He took a dremel to the starburst so that you can still feel it but it is not as rasied as it was. He also filed the silicone down so its flush and its alot smother now. Wrist whips dont make me nervous to try on his dm anymore lol.


I would shave the o rings get shims and use poly string

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This translates to:


did he like have a automatic spell check or something?

I must’ve missed class that day. :wink:

No need to shave the starburst unless the sound is annoying you.

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I did shave the o-ring flush and used shims and the thing still smacks my knuckles.

Thanks for the advice peeps. I think I’m gonna go with a partial shave of the starburst and flowable silicon. I will let you know how it goes!

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My Droid does the same thing. If I don’t pay attention I am Togo in with my magazine instead of yo-yoing with my Maverick. Technology is amazingly smart and really stupid at the same time. I do love my Droid though.

Dont shave the starburst i did that and didnt like it. It played great but i like it with the starbusrt. Clean the bearing and thats it.

Hey guys- here’s an update. I did go ahead and sand down the starburst and like I had said before I had cut down the o-ring to be flush to the groove already. Wth a thin lubed bearing it definitely snags a lot less and plays much smoother. It didn’t do anything to help its sleep time. I am going to purchase the large shims and a silicone o-ring as soon as I am able. Until then I am very happy with the improvements thus far. Thanks again for the help! I will update as soon as I can!

Also put it in the widest gap setting too.

Preference. I play(ed) mine in the middle.

I’ve had a DM for a long time, and never had a problem with it. But I don’t think you should have to “shave” the starburst or the O-ring. You could just get some shims or spacers. Also, if you want it unresponsive, don’t play with a fully tightened gap on it. (know from pain and experience). Another thing you could possibly do is clean the bearing. But, bottom line, you don’t have to “shave” anything. But that’s just me. Good luck. :wink:

My DM was my first for real 1a throw and I love it. I have played it with spacers and without. I tried removing the o-ring and replacing it with some other ring material. I even tried putting a Duncan silicone sticker over where the o-ring would go. I tried it with a dry bearing, lubed, even swapped it out with other more broken in bearings later on. None of it worked for me. Since sanding down the starburst it plays much more to my liking. Will keep you updated and I really thank you all for your opinions.