So I love the weight and shape of my DM but I’m not sure about the starburst. That leaves me with two questions:

Is it a bad idea to sand it off and play with just one o-ring?

Is there a good way to sili/pad recess a DM?

And yes I am aware of the existence of the Legacy and will likely pick one up soon.

You CAN sand the starburst, but that will most likely give slippy binds. If you want to, you can recess it for o-rings or silicone.

What’s wrong with the starburst?

You can Recess It I guess, Need a Lathe though.

You can sand it down a little, so it is still there but a little less well, there.

They just seem to slow the spin down with multiple strings in the gap. I may try that, Evan. Thanks.

You can just buy another Dark Magic, pair the o-ring sides together and change the rubber o-rings to silicone o-rings, and sell off the starburst pair.

lol I didn’t know the dark magic came with starburst i just thought it was double o-ring.
another moment where i just feel like an idiot

lol. Naahhhhhhh dont call urself that

i do not reecommend sanding the starburst.
you could get some silicone stickers and it would recess one side.
also a different way is to get a kk. they are not necessary but i love my dm with it.
it makes it less responsive and does not rub on the starbursts.

What if the o ring half is the axle half. Than you have two dm’s.

Well you could take the axle out. It’s not too hard if you do it right.

I do. I hate them. I recommend sending it to a modder to fix that little problem called Starbursts.

I take offense to that! :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding, but I like starburst. So it’s not a “problem” so much as many people don’t like it.

I started using a thinner string and that helped a lot. Some time in the next few weeks I’ll wind up having 2 more DM’s I’ve made some trades for. I may get brave and try to mod one. I’d love to know if there’s a way to sili recess one.

You could silicone recess them, but I would HIGHLY recommend starting on something cheaper.

if you feel it slows down alot on the star bust or o-ring i took a pocket knife and shaved the o-ring down so it is flush and i love it

I have a beat SFHG with the starburst sanded off the I got in a trade. It’s an okay player but , like someone said, the binds are smidge slippy. Maybe I’ll practice modding on that one.

put a kk in it. it worked for me

I don’t think a KK will give more grip. Try to make a silicone recess, or put a really thin pad in there.