sanding the o-ring and star burst response

I am going into advanced tricks(WOOHOO) and i want to make my speed maker less responsive. so, how much should i sand off of the o-ring and star-burst?

The o-ring could be simply cut with an exacto knife. That would be the easiest way.

As for the starburst, I would HIGHLY recommend not sanding it at all. If you go too far, you’ll have slippy binds and won’t be able to do anything about it.

Also, make sure it’s as loosened as it can be, and if you really want to you can buy or make some shims.

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Can you give me a link to a topic about making shims? becouse my past experiances with the search thing never turned out great.

Here ya go!

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[s]I actually can’t find the link for it anymore. I don’t think it was ever actually been on here so it’s hard to find, but I still can’t find it.

Maybe I’ll try to remake the guide for it, but basically you take an old credit card or gift card or something similar and cut out a circle so that it fits to the inside part of the bearing. It’ll be pretty narrow, just so you know.[/s]

Dang. Samad found it. Oh well. (Maybe that topic could be put in the modding section of,3408.0.html ?)

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just take the yoyo apart and carefully use an exacto or hobby knife to trim the oring until it’s flush with the yoyo surface. it’ll take all of about two minutes and should be all you need to do. that and make sure your bearing is clean and microlubed.

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Or you can use silicone. Personal favorite, it just plays better than an O-ring.

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if you want to get rid of the star burst then sand it down and then use a drill press or a lathe to make the reccess

'Nuff said.