How to make a yoyo with starburst unresponsive

Do you have a Yoyojam yoyo with starburst response ? ( One Side is O-Ring and the other is Starburst ) And you want to know how to mod that yoyo to make it dead unresponsive ? Below are some tips and tricks on how to do that.

Steps to making your Yoyojam yoyo with starburst Response DEAD UNRESPONSIVE:

  1. Buy some sand paper.
    Choose whatever grit you want. But be sure to get some sandpaper to smooth it out aswell so there is no scratches you can feel with your hand. You get my point

  2. Unscrew the yoyo and take the side with the O-Ring and move it aside because all you’ll need is the side with starburst.

  3. Use your sandpaper and start to sand off the starburst.
    This process may take from 1-5 minutes depending on the grit of sandpaper you have

4. Once you see the starburst completly gone, your ready to smooth it out.

  1. Get the higher grit sandpaper to smooth it out.
    This process should only take 1-2 minutes.

  2. Dont do any modding to the side with the O-Ring.

  3. Screw back in and play.

Results may vary.

If it is not unresponsive, try satining it and it will be unresponsive for sure.

If you have any questions feel free to reply to this topic or send me a private message and I will try to help you out best that I can.

Thanks for the tip! my darkmagic is super responsive, and ive been looking for a way of making it
unresponsive. ill try it lol.

This is a mod you have to be careful with, though. Sanding the starburst off can potentially make it unbindable, in which case there’s no going back to undo the mistake.

Starburst does -not- make yoyos responsive, nor do rubber o-rings. I have a SFHG Xtra (standard hybrid YYJ) with thin shims in and tightened all the way. Dead unresponsive.

Ehhh, NO. Satining does not make the yoyo unresponsive. It has no effect whatsoever on response.
Where do some of you people come up with this stuff?

Secondly, and more importantly, removing the starburst is a dumb move all around (see Apetrunk above). If you want the yoyo to be unresponsive, clean the bearing. The bearing is the major player in the response area. Shims will help too, but the main focus is the bearing.

I would only remove the starburst if you’re a modder and planning on recessing it or if you have a silicone recess in the other side. I do NOT suggest sanding down the starbursts on dual starburst yoyos.

Don’t try it you just need to clean the bearing. I have a speeder and it has a cleaned bearing and when the gap is set to the lowest its unresponsive. If you clean the bearing and its unresponsive but you feel that is could be more unresponsive silicone the o ring side and add shims. I siliconed my speeder and added shims and now it is completely dead unresponsive.

My speeder is dead unresponsive with silicone and a cleaned bearing.
Starburst is shaved but that doesnt matter. Just makes it less noisy.