Making my DM unresponsive

Well I purchased a Dark Magic a while back and its pretty awesome. However I am having an issue with how responsive it is. So in this plight I flexed my technical muscles Grrr!! and took a file to the starburst side of the yoyo.

Well lets just say it hasnt worked out the way I orignally planed. Apparently filing bigger grooves to remove the starbursts works as a much better response system which I did not want >.> .

Anyways my new plan is to hit this now terri-bad starburst side with some super duper fine sand paper to remove all of the file marks.

But, my next dillema is should I get a KK bearing? It looks like it plays a lot smoother than the stock DM bearing and I would love better spin times and less response. Also, would shims also benefit my push for less responsive-ness if I have already grinded out the starbursts and possibly installed a KK bearing?

My goal is to have this yoyo as unresponsive as possible without having it to the point were binds are next to impossible or to difficult to achieve. Plus, I absolutly hate having to adjust the gap on the yo yo so i definatly need it as unresponsive as possible while fully tightend.

P.S. Yes the bearing is broken in if your wondering =P

If you have sanded your starburst so that they are even rougher than before, it is a good idea to use the finest sand paper you can find.

A KK will improve the overall smoothness, but it won’t necessarily make your tricks look any better and increase sleep time in a large number. Shims work out fine. They are a good way to get a wider gap and less response.

Addment: Just to let you know, my SpeedMaker utilizes the exact same response system as the DM and I play mine stock. It is dead unresponsive. IMO, hybrid response does not need any kind of modding, just give it some love and it will most definently love you back.

Thanks for the response but I think loving it for 2 weeks is long enough >.> so far all the love I have gotten back was a few cracks to the head and my well “Pride” hit a couple times…Im not exactly loving the hybrid response so much i think w/ my next yo yo im going to go with some K-pads I love my cousins PGM so much more unresponsive and it feels so much smoother.

Thank you for your imput, very much appreciated =D

Trust me, a worn in O-ring with a broken in bearing is all you need.

i know you’ve already said you hate adjusting the gap, but that’s precisely the most significant way for me to make my DM unresponsive. oh and thin lube helped too.