Getting the best out of a speedmaker?

I have a speedmaker, probably my favourite plastic throw. I love the shape the weight and of course the price.

I wanted mine more unresponsive so I cut away the starburst response, so it now only has an o-ring. I was thinking about trimming the o-ring flush with the inner wall to improve it further.

Is this a good idea? Also are there any other mods that can be done to improve/alter it’s performance?

Just silicone it.

Open the gap.

Silicone it. don’t’ cut the starburst- that might add vibe.


Possibly. Rough response can add a vibe feeling on the string, but not the yoyo.

I’ve done it numerous time w/o problems. It’s really trivial.
Besides, he already removed them…

So far I haven’t had any problems with the lack of starburst, no vibe or anything. When I removed it I used a lathe to cut it down to help keep it even.

I’ve heard that sanding the surface if the yoyo helps with grinding, is it worth it?

Put in a set of shims. A set of Yoyojam red shims from the start would probably have done all you needed, they really improved mine to no end.