Speedmaker help

So if you have not known, I have modded my speedmaker by sanding the starburst system. Then i siliconed it. Binds we slippy. I put the o-ring back in and it works great, perfect binds and everything! Few weeks later, Now its failing on me again by having slippy binds. At this point i dont know what to do anymore. Any ideas?

This is exactly why I recommend people to not shave the starburst unless they plan on recessing.

You basically have two good choices. Get some friction/silicone stickers like for Duncans or get a modder to recess that side.

Maybe try a silicon oring. Maybe try a friction sticker. The speedmaker is hard to tune unresponsive due to the narrow gap and stock response issues. I’ve heard someone say they got it perfect with a friction sticker on the starburst side and silicon in the recess.

You could also add a drop of thick lube and play it as a partly responsive throw. If you need to spend moneyon fixing it, perhaps better to save that cash for a yoyo that comes stock closer to how you like.

your o-rings are wearing out. don’t worry. My speed maker was unresponsive when i siliconed it. idk why speed makers are hard to make unresponsive, because they arent. take out the shimssss that might help

The best option is to send it to a modder to get it recessed. The modder modder wont charge alot because its a simple recesses and its only one side.

Yeah, that’s a great choice and I recommend doing that too.

how do u shave a star burst

You use sandpaper.

And I fixed it btw, for all that dont know.