am i making a good choice?

Ok I’m selling my kickside to a friend for 15 bucks and I was going to use it to buy a new durable one the first thing that came to mind is the speedmaker because I love ye speeder but mine was a little cracked making it a little vibey.I’ve heard that the speedmaker was a little more stable than the speeder and I was planing on cutting the starburst off and maybe shaving the o rings and hopefully find some brings to put in the side do you think I am making a god choice ?

I guess. But be careful when modding. ;D

Don’t shave the starbursts!
You can never have them back, and if it binds bad, youur Speed Maker may be bad forever.

Sorry about spelling I just read that andre says its for intermediate to advanced can it tackle all of the high end tricks? To bad pheenix isn’t here he could give me a good answer

If you have a good throw, yes.

The Speedmaker is good for the Expert and Master Tricks too. I can do Hour Glass with them and it has a good backspin bind too.

Don’t shave the Starburst! The Starburst is very vital when it comes to it’s responsiveness.

Here’s a mod:

They have sweet mods too BTW.

Dont shave the starbursts like they said. Shaving o-rings is fine, but sili is better. Are you sure its not your throw?

And yes, Ladder Escape is possible with speedmakers.

I really don’t like Starbursts. I’d get two SMs and put the O-Ring halves together. Or get a Lyn Fury. Or a FHZ. Or one of these…

Isn’t the O-Ring Side the one with the Axle?

A good thing about mixing two sides of the same yo-yo but different colors is that when you freestyle people will go:

His yo-yo Changed Colors! How’d he do that?

I don’t believe in shaving the response, mainly because I’ve never tried it. Rsmod knows his stuff and he is a Mickey Fan Boy.

The axle doesn’t really matter. It will come out with pliers after being screwed and unscrewed q few times.

I’m telling you man, don’t even bother with starbursts! I know the candy is good, but they ruin good yoyos!

Also, I would recommend siliconing your O-Rings, not shaving them. Silicone is a smooth response system that binds very tight. The best part is, you can even take it out if you don’t like it!