speedmaker starburst?


I’m getting a speedmaker soon and i prefer a unresponsive yoyo
an i was wondering if i should sand down the starburst


A better way to make it unresponsive would be to buy some YoYoJam Shims…

Another way is YoYoJam Thin Lube…

Hope I could help :slight_smile:

(JonasK) #3

It is easier to just break in the bearing and wear the O-ring down.

(Cinimod105) #4

But speedmaker uses an adjustable gap, so you can just adjust the gap to make it bigger.

(Ryan) #5

i recommened you just to break it in or lubing it.


All of my yoyos with starbursts are still unresponsive. Starbursts don’t necessarily mean that it will be responsive.

Don’t sand down the starbursts, your speedmaker will start to slip binds, not wind up properly and won’t spin as long, because it cant unwind properly.

(JonasK) #7

Now that everyone is saying different things, I will say the truth. Thinking that the response system is causing the responsiveness is a major mistake that a lot of people do.


  • Person wants an unresponsive yoyo
  • Person buys a Dark Magic
  • Bearing comes heavily lubed
  • Person sands down the starburts and shave the O-ring
  • Dark Magic is a little unresponsive
  • Bearing breaks in
  • Dark Magic is too unresponsive
  • Person can’t bind return his Dark Magic

This will probably happen if you mess with the response system on your SpeedMaker. That’s why you should do nothing but breaking in your bearing and naturally wear the O-ring down in the process. The result will be great.


I have to agree.
Starbursts can not be replaced once they are sanded down, so it will be risky.


I also agree.

(_|@<06) #10

trust me speedmakers get VERY unresponsive once there broken in! shims also help instead of permanently changing the yoyo!


Id spend my money on a PGM awsome yo

I think speedmakers are pretty cheapo el crapo
and star bursts suck no matter what always causing friction against the string slowing the trick down unless your andre

(Cinimod105) #12

Not if you center the string

Anyway, this has barely anything to do with the topic.


i have a speedmaker, and it is pretty unresponsive with no starburst(whatever that is.) so, unresponsive, i guess.


Unless you sanded them off, or put two O-Ring sides together, your SpeedMaker does have starburst.