My Modded YoyoJam Speedmaker (5+ Pics & Info)


Sup, heres my Modded Speedmaker.

-Homemade Credit Card Shims ( To lazy to buy real shims :P)
-Siliconed (Silicon Job looks stupid in the pic, its because of the lighting and the crappy quality of my camera. In person looks better)
-Shaved Starburst System ( W/ Sandpaper)
-Removed Caps (Looks 100% better w/ out caps)

Some info:

  • The gap is a lot wider with the credit card shims.
  • Plays better than before
  • Sleep times increased by at least 5-10 seconds
  • Extremely unresponsive ( Not Joking)
  • Binding is a little slippy ( Once and a while )


That’s awesome! :wink:


Your binds are getting slippy because the starburst were sanded…

But do you have a drill?




Do you still have the O-Ring?


Same. I’m also really impressed by the credit card shims.




Is that a joke ?


It sorta looks like a DelToro. Gimme :stuck_out_tongue:

All jokes aside great job. :slight_smile:


Tell me how that would be a joke. I never heard of credit card shims, and you made some, and I think they are unique and cool.


After the silicone wears out, replace it with the O-Ring.

Because since the the O-Ring is a more aggressive response, binds will be more snappy.

Yep. Awesome.


Cool, thanks Vivo ! :smiley:


Not necessarily.


Slippy Binds were getting really annoying. I Took out the Silicone and put the O-Ring back in and the binds are great. And its still unresponsive, which is great!


I know right?

BTW, did you get your Die-Nasty yet?


Not yet. When I get it ( Which I hope is today ) I’ll take some pics and post it here. Maybe give a review.


Tutorial on Credit Card shims please! I think it’s a better alternative to cardboard and better than metal because you can use your mom’s old unwanted credit cards!


Google “How to make homemade shims”.



This is where I got the idea from.