Credit card shims

Credit card shims are way better than regular shims. They do take a while to make but they are worth it! I used an old gift card and used an old hole puncher. You need to hole punch near the edge and it will be a LOT easier to hole punch it. Then, hole punch around the edges of the hole. (verry little untill they fit on the yoyo.) Then just cut around the hole w/ sicisors and place in the yoyo. They make the gap way bigger than regular shims, I highly suggest tring it! (I put them on my X-Convict. :wink:


Yeah. Some use iTunes cards, too. Way to save money. :slight_smile:

I still think regular shims are better.



And you don’t have to make 'em. lol. :smiley:

Awesome! I did this on my journey using an itunes card. Now the gap is way bigger!

I used a basketball card shim to stuff my dash while I made a silicone mod for it.

yep. but its so hard to find metal shims nowadays. Q.Q

You mean like these, for sale on this very site?

those work really well too, except i like the metal ones. idk why.

The last shim kit I bout had metal ones with it, too. I’m not sure why the non-metals are the only ones available here. I know you can get them elsewhere though.

metal shims just look more legit. Just my two cents.

hah, fair enough. they do last longer, too. but, i bought a set of metal shims one time and i guess they had been cut weird and one edge was super sharp. i cut the crap out of my thumb with it.

Yall do know this is over a year old…

actually, the posts i responded to were made today. so technically, it’s current.

Ummmm…No. At least not on a DMII. or perhaps its my hole punch. The hole is just ever so slightly larger than it should be and the plastic tends to mush down and deform. I end up with a really bad vibe. Stick to metal.