How to make Credit Card Shims for your Yo-Yo

Heres my tutorial for making Homemade Credit Card Shims.

Materials you will need:

  • A YoYo
  • Scissors
  • Credit Card
  • Hole puncher

Provide supervision for those 10 and under.

Step 1:
Get your credit card and hole punch a hole into the credit card. Then cut out that area with your scissors.

Step 2:
Cut edges of the Soon to be shim.

Step 3:
Does not have to be perfect. It should look something like this.

Step 4:
Cut shim to desired size.

Step 5:
Should look something like this.

Step 6:
Get your yoyo.

Step 7:
Put shim onto yoyo.

Step 8:
Final Product should look something like this.

Questions ? Leave a post below and I will try my best to answer your question asap.
YoYo Used: YYJ Speedmaker.

Keep in mind shim can be super ugly but still work the same :wink:

Decent guide, but not all hole punchers will make a perfectly-sized hole. You might have to get a small roll of sandpaper and make the inside hole bigger in order for the shims to fit. Just a little tip.

thats cool ;D

Thanks ;D

Some hole punchers make the holes too big, in that case you need another hole puncher. Another solution if the hole puncher makes the holes too small is to use the same hole puncher to cut small pieces of the hole to make it bigger, or use paper cards since paper will strench unlike hard credit card plastic.

Another tip is that if the shims are touching the bearing, deshielding it will solve the problem.