I can mod YYJ's that use o-rings to be more unresponsive! and satin if you want!

Hey guys,

So the process of doing this is for me to trim the o-ring and or starburst, the result, a unresponsive yo-yo. It makes yoyos built for unresponsive play, (X-ConVict, hitman, DM, speeder, etc.) really really unresponsive, and the yoyos that are built for responsive play, (Speedmaker, lyn fury, kickside, etc.)
pretty unresponsive. I did this mod to my responsive speeder, the result, DEAD unresponsive, it doesn’t come back when you pull up about, 93% of the time! I also did this mod to my speedmaker, the result, it doesn’t come back when you pull up about, 75% percent of the time! But the best part is the yo-yo still binds just as tight!!! If it has a hybrid response i will also shave down the starburst!

I will negotiate prices threw PM. :slight_smile:

Please note: result may vary!!!