Response... String Killer!

See Jake Cuenca

i have a china yoyo (like that above ↑)
when i play with, i think it’s only a minute or two
the string will gonna give up, gonna die (hahhahaHa)

i sandpaper the starburst, and nothing happened
it is so super responsive, it doesn’t need to bind.

what will i do? ↓

i want the metal starburst to be fade out totally
so that it won’t kill a string anymore & to stop it
for super responsive ones. so that it will be unresponsive

(NOTE: i try to make a string with 4 strands rather than two strands)
"i mean the normal double-strand string i double it so that it will be
strong, but nothing happened, same thing again happened :slight_smile:


Does the yoyo stop spinning or is your string snapping? I’m confused. ANd I don’t know if it’s my cmoputer or not, but the picture was a blur.

I don’t think it is a good idea to sand away the starburst. It sound like the bearing might be caked with lube. And if your bearing is heavily lubed, you will barely be able to use your yoyo when the lube breaks in. You can try to play with the yoyo for a while until it turns unresponsive. You can also clean your bearing.

Addment: In the end, I think it might be a good idea to stay away from these yoyos.

If you have access to one, use a lathe or drill press. Get the yoyo spinning and use sandpaper and a file to smooth it off.

If you take off the star burst will you still have a response? if no then get one or two of thies  You shouild be fine. They wont kill your string. For removing it put the sand paper flat on a hard surface with one hand hold the sand paper, with the other hand place the yo-yo response side down use circular motion to sand it off evenly or as evenly as you can. Hope this helped

if i put example a Cho Pads in my FHZ.
so i wont maintain them?, or maintaining but
it takes months/days/minutes/seconds (hahahaha)
to change pads, is Cho Pads is like also friction stickers?
am i right?

Yah but a very slick one, response will after time need to be changed. I use silicon in a few of my yos and after a two weeks I have to change it just from wear. Friction stickers are about the same if you do go to a sticker response just pick up a bunch so you will be able to play for a while. The reason that recommend those they are very thin and wont get in the way of your yo-yo play. You can get a few different types and see what you like best they are not going to break the bank.