my yo-yo which is made of metal which is little responsive
how to make it responsive

First, we’d like to know what brand and model it is. This will help.

Now we need to know for clarification:
Do you want the yoyo tug reponsive, or unresponsive where you need to use a bind return to bring it back?

Second, without knowing that, double or triple loop the string around the bearing may help.

Adding thick lube or too much thin lube can help. But, when you’re done with responsive play, you might want to clean out the bearing.

We may want to explore the condition of the response system. Pads and stickers may need replacing.

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Centaurus Specs: (Inclusives Gloves)
-Effective Interval Radii : 25mm
-Longest Revolving Time : 6min
-Longest Diameter : 50mm
-Weight : 64g
-Bearing System : Ball Bearing (6.35 X 12.7 X 3.175)
-Reverse System : D-Ring
-Sphere : Butterfly (Molten Metal Shaping)
-Sphere Width : 39.3mm

my yoyo response very slowly , i want it with a simple tug

Let me first say, I recommend that you learn a simple bind if you are going to use a metal yoyo. You will quickly become restricted in the world of yoyos if you can’t bind.

And to answer your question, and type of lubrication for yoyos should do the trick. I recommend YoyoJam thick lube which can be found on this website’s store.

1: You bought an unresponsive yoyo. This is very common these days. It’s time to learn your bind return. What you want is to learn to bind.

2: Other than multiple looping the string around the bearing, if that fails, you need to lube, using thick lube. Then, when you’re ready to go unresponsive, you have to clean out that bearing. When that happens, we’ll see posts asking for where to get mineral spirits, lighter fluid, acetone, or the refusal to use well known and trusted cleaning materials to properly clean out the bearing.

If you want a tug-return, get a YoYoFactory ONE or a YoYoJam Legacy II, Chaser, DM2, or other models that include a slim(tug responsive) and wide(unresponsive) bearing, or a modified shape yoyo, or a Duncan Butterfly XT. I think the YoYoJam Classic might be another to consider.

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