I just got the recrev facade yoyo and I am having a problem with the responsiveness of it. With my last yoyo I could do UFO and simple tricks like that but with this one I can’t because the response is so low. Is there a way to make it more responsive without losing the ability to do tricks like plastic whip and long sleepers? I want to be able to do UFO and side winder again if I can


Thick lube would make it responsive. But the reason it would is because it slows down the bearing considerably. So, the tradeoff is that your spin times will suffer greatly and you won’t really have a way to make it unresponsive at a moment’s notice. You’d have to clean the bearing back out. Sort of a one or the other situation with this route.

Thin lube might work, but it’s still not a gaurantee. It certainly will cause it to be responsive if you use more than a drop or two but it will break down fairly quickly again since it’s intended to keep unresponsive yoyos unresponsive. Finding and maintaining that happy medium where it’s reliably responsive enough to do responsive tricks but still ultimately unresponsive could take some trial and error.


You can increase the response of any bearing yoyo by lubing the bearing.  You might also find that putting a knot around the bearing (like what you end up with when you drop a green triangle) or just double- or triple-looping the string around the axle will give you a little bit more response, possibly enough to do a UFO.

It is possible to do UFO/sidewinder type tricks with an unresponsive yoyo using a bind return, but it’s a lot more difficult.  See at about 2:55 in this video for an example:

Similarly, it is possible to plastic whip with a tug-responsive yoyo, but it is more difficult than with an unresponsive yoyo and will require a lot more practice, and it will cut down on your spin time some.  You might be able to find a sweet spot that lets you tug return UFO but still plastic whip without the yoyo returning, but both tricks will be more difficult, and it might be hard to keep the response tuned just right.  You might also find that UFO/sidewinder does not give you very tight winds with such a setup.  If you want to try it, try adding a little bit of lube at a time until you can successfully land a UFO, then practice plastic whip with that minimum level of response.

You would probably be better off just using separate yoyos for responsive tricks like UFO/sidewinder and unresponsive tricks like plastic whip.  If you use UFO/sidewinder to adjust your string tension, there are other ways that are much simpler with unresponsive yoyos.


You can’t really have both at the same time. What is the other yoyo or yoyos you’ve been playing?

You’ve got an unresponsive yoyo that you want responsive. That’s a big part of your problem.

So, can you make your Facade responsive, you can lube it with YYJ thick lube and if need be, double and/or triple loop the string around the bearing. That should do it.

Really, I’d suggest getting a YoYoJam Classic for your responsive style tricks, or a modified shaped yoyo. Either would be good, unless you want to do responsive string tricks. For $10, you can’t beat it. Amazing player, good weight and size. And if you want to go unresponsive, you can swap the bearing out. If you don’t like the rubber response rings, you can silicone it or use YYJ response pads.

Please, a note for other new players: please double check to see if you want your yoyo to be tug responsove or unresponsive before you buy. I’ve noticed a recent trend of people “buying up” and unable to properly use their new awesome yoyos. My advice is to make sure you get the right type of yoyo, or take the time to learn to bind. You’re going to learn to bind anyways, might as well do it now.


Thank you very much for your help, I love my unresponsive yoyo. I guess what I really want to learn is how to adjust the string tension without taking the string off my finger. Can you help me out again?


1: do a split bottom mount
2: go under like doing split the atom
3: pull the string to the left of the yoyo using your non throw hand
4: this loosens the string

maybe someone can make a tutorial, im not great at describing it. i learned from augie fash doing the trick in the grind machine video.


Throw a trapeze. Really hard too, this is gonna kill your spin but you should still be able to bind it back…

Move loop from non-throw hand to index finger of throw hand.

With non-throw hand, pull middle string away from you and slightly down(or more down) to LOOSEN. To tighten, pull string towards you and slightly down. It’s a bit tricky and each yoyo has a different feel to it.


Unfortunately, you can’t do responsive tricks on an unresponsive yoyo.


…and vice versa…


double or tripple loops around the bearing wont work too well considering its a crucial grooved bearing.

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This is the tutorial regarding this method.