DM too unresponsive

Hello all,

Thanks for your recommendations on getting my first yo yo. I am pleased to have purchased the DM. Just got it!!

One thing now, I have been throwing fine, however I can’t pull it back to my hand (lol). Sorry if this sounds dumb but I never thought retrievment would be a problem. Do I need to make this more resposive to bring it back to the hand and if so, how do I do that?

Thanks for all your help!

I don’t know if you know this but yoyos such as the DM and legacys are responsive for better play.To bring it back up u have to learn to bind. Here is a few video on this site that should help.

Sorry i meant unresponsive in the first line.

I just got a DM and it is too responsive. How do I make it UNresponsive? I’ve been playing with it quite a bit (already wore through 2 strings), but it comes back pretty easily. I saw in the video Andre was bouncing that thing up to his head and it wasn’t coming back to him, how do I get it unresponsive like that?

Well theres a few things,
1.try widening the gap a little
2. Take out the o-ring and put silicone
3.Sand down the starbursts a bit.

THats all I got hope this helps

To make it unresponsive YoYoJam thin lube can help break down the factory lube that comes in the bearing:
To make it really unresponsive an upgrade to a KonKave bearing can really help with that:

To the original post - YoYoJam thick lube can help make it very responsive.

I don’t recommend sanding the starbursts on the yo-yo.

Oh yeah completely forgot about the lubes sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

weird mines too responsive

Is there a suggested method for broadening the gap? I put a bit of thin lube in the bearing, but it still comes back up if I tug on it, just not quite as fast.

Any suggestion?

There are a couple options. You could simply unscrew the yoyo a little bit, but that has a limited effect. I would recommend buying shims…
These will increase your gap size and make your yoyo unresponsive.

I must not have put enough lube in before, because now it is super unresponsive…

Problem is trying to learn bind returns now, haha… Any tips on that?

Sorry to steal the thread to the OP, hopefully you got your question answered as well.

Couple of things. Did you clean the bearing then Thin Lube it, or just put in Thin Lube.
Also, yes shims will work, but if you silicone it instead of the rubber o ring, that help a lot. Or if you don’t feel comfortable doing silicone recess, you could always use a razor blade and shave down your O-ring a bit. But it sounds like you need to clean your bearing. Did you use Mineral Spirits, the lube it, if not, do that.

Hey all,

I have been practicing learning how to bind the yoyo. I am pleased to say I have had some success in retreiving the yo yo however, shouldn’t we be able to retrieve the yo yo with 1 hand instead of binding?

Andre did it several times in different videos with one hand and I can say that I am “tugging” much harder than he is and can’t retrieve it like he is doing. Like in the folloging video: (at 1:05 and 1:25)

Is this a matter of practice, breaking in the yo yo, or do I need to get lube?

There are two different ways that you can yoyo.

The first is “RESPONSIVE”

This is good for beginners because it is easy to retrieve the yoyo.
This is what you saw Andre doing in the video.

As you get better, you’ll want an “UNRESPONSIVE” yoyo.

This is useful for doing whips and more advanced tricks. The only problem is, you need to learn how to bind.

Almost all advance yoyoers use unresponsive yoyos(except in 3A). If you want to learn to bring one up with one hand…
Simply do a laceration but do not catch the string.

As you use the yoyo more, it will become less and less responsive. You can put some YYJ thick lube on your yoyo. This will make it more responsive. However, you will be limited with the tricks you can do.

If you want some Thick Lube…

If you want to learn more about responsive and unresponsive yoyos…

Hope I could help :slight_smile:

Don’t you mean more and more unresponsive?

My bad. :smiley: I’ll edit it.


Yes, I want to play unresponsive as I can see this is the desired way of play. However, wouldn’t I want to be able to bring the yo yo up with one hand to perform tricks as “walk the dog” and others?

You said:

How do I do a laceration? What video demonstrates this?

Thanks everyone for your help!

You can still do simple tricks such as walk the dog with an unresponsive yoyo. You just have to do a bind return.

The laceration video can be seen here…
He accidentally does the one-handed bind at 1:04

Good Luck!

So your telling me that Andre was using a yoyo that was more repsonsive when he is demonstrating “walk the down”, “gravity”, and “creeper” tricks?

It looks like it’s the same yo yo throughout all the videos.