are there any really good responsive yoyos?

Hey, I want a really good yoyo, kinda like a superstar,genesis,supernova,severe or something, but I want it responsive… Also, isn’t the dark magic 2 responsive, well it also comes with and unresponsive bearing but is that the best responsive yoyo? Thanks!!! ;D

Why do you want it responsive? Is it for non-yoyoing friends? Just messing around with? Do you want a fixed axle? I guess something from YYJ would be the “best” responsive yoyo, but I can’t really help too much without knowing why you want it. The Dark Magic is good, and if you want it, get it.

Dark Magic is excellent at responsive play. That’s exactly the route I took when I wasn’t sure I wanted to jump right into unresponsive.

As it turns out, as soon as I did ONE bind ONCE, I was full-on into unresponsive play (well, until later when I decided responsive is also fun) so I needn’t have worried.

If you like the DM2, get it. It won’t steer you wrong even if you barely use it with the slim bearing. It’s just a good yoyo.

On the other hand, you can get a YoyoJam Classic for responsive (it’s a VERY capable yoyo) and any other yoyo you could possibly want once you decide on unresponsive. If you think you might want to learn binding on a cheaper yoyo, the Classic will also accomodate a full C-sized bearing which is a separate purchase of $5 or so.


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True facts. Some yoyos won’t accommodate a slim bearing, but thick lube plus doubling/tripling-up the loop should do it.

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Yyj classic

I have a yoyo with a 4.8 gap and a couple drops of thin lube makes it responsive. Which means any yoyo with any gap can be made responsive with just thick lube.
Simple but misunderstood fact is: a yoyo is unresponsive or not because of a bearing. If it is a responsive bearing(normaly lubed) you have a responsive yoyo.
So you can make any yoyo you like responsive. although with “C” bearings I find yoyos with 4.0 or less gaps make better responsive yoyos.
In closing every yoyo is a decent responsive yoyo. I would go with one with a tighter gap though.

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Agreed with the above; however, making the bearing responsive just means the string will “chase” properly, which is essential for engaging the response system.

Imagine a gap even wider than standard bearings… visualize a ridiculous gap… the string might chase its entire length around the axle and it will still just fall back to the end of the string if there’s no friction to hold it in place while a “wamble” (that’s my technical term) forms.

So yes, any existing yoyo out there can probably be made to respond with just lube. But a gap must still meet certain width requirements (a C bearing will meet them in most situations) and there must be a source of friction on the sidewalls in place before a return to hand will occur.

In other words, “Simple but misunderstood fact is: a yoyo is unresponsive or not because of a bearing” isn’t completely true. You do need to meet a gap and friction requirement. But all modern yoyos I can think of will be able to meet that requirement.

Even if it responds, though, I wouldn’t consider a huge hop and waiting for enough string-chasing to occur to be “responsive”. It should come back with a bit of a tug to be considered “responsive” in the practical if not literal sense of the word.