How should I mod my dm1?

My dm is one of my favorites, however it’s a little too responsive for my taste ( for those unfamiliar it has starbursts on one half and an o ring on the other) so my plan to fix it was to sand down the starbursts and dremmel a recess in it for silicone and replace the o ring with silicone… My question is, is this a bad idea, do you have a better idea/ advice … Have you tried this before/ what were your results?


  • zerrubabbel

Ps… I forgot to mention I don’t feel comfortable loosening it anymore ( It tends to unscrew)

clean the bearing , thin lube it, and fill the one oring side with flowable sili that should be fine so u dont have to recess and sand and stuff

I keep my bearing in good condition, however I will try sili on one side.