DM Mods

are there any DM mods besids silacone. and should i sand my starburst

Yes - You can do several different things. What I like to do to set up my DM is this:

Silicone, 1 Red and One White Shim, and a KonKave bearing. Its not much, but it makes one heck of a player! You can also shave your O-Ring if you wish to flush.

Some people do shave off their starburst, but I dont really recommend it. If you decide you want your starburst for some reason, there is no going back. I think the most effective thing to do, is to simply break in the bearing :wink:

Have Fun Throwing,

ok my dad is bringing home some flowable sillacon from his work and i wanted to use it in place of my oring so how do i do it

and should i leve the bearing in so it dosnt get in the that it gose in

ok i did it its siting to dry now and it got on the bearing a little so im gonna clean it now

Okay - It was a bad idea to leave the bearing on. You can clean it, but it might be hard to get it all out. Good luck.

Also, make sure you let it sit for a good 24 hours at least.

ok my bearings are gonna sit untill i wake up in the morning aroun 10 and the sil. its ben about 4 hours im gettin ready to scrape the spots off but im not sure if i put enough in does it mater and the it will sit untill i wake thanks

Silicone isn’t like water, it won’t just flow out. If you didn’t put enough, you can refill later, but I like to have mine about half a millimeter under, it’s unresponsive that way. And don’t sand the starburst. Unless you’re rich. Or have a really good reason. You have no idea how it will come up. It might have loose binds, no binds, rip the string.etc

omg thisvworks awesome i dont no if its the bearing being so fast or the silicon im gona tri doing a triple jedi back flip

i was wondering how does andre keep his yo so shiny

try using some none acetonic (if its a bi-metal/has metal rims) metal polish,
just polish the metal part until desired shineness :wink:


Or rub it with baking soda with a wet tissue.