DM "upgrades"..

I wasnt to sure if what im planning on doing is “modding” so whatever. I want to “upgrade” my DM, im pretty sure thatt im gonna be doing as follows:

cleaning my bearing then applying thin lube, ive watched the tut
putting in shims, thick or thin, which ever i find better after i mess with them
replacing the normal o-ring with the silicone one

Im putting the thin lube cuz i dont wanna kill my bearing. the shims are because i hate having to adjust my gap… and the silicone is obviously for more unresponsive-ness.

Next i want to ask opinions, should i do any of the following:

buy a kk bearing?
buy a 10-ball bearing?
sand the starburst?
sand anything on the yo?(i like it heavy though)

answers, questions, suggestions are greatly appreciated. ;D

Good ideas so far… it will improve the performance. Buy a KK if you want to spend 15 bucks on a bearing that will just center the string (I don’t really reccomend buying the KK.) I do suggest a 10 ball bearing, it will improve slightly. Otherwise with what you think you will do so far you are good! Hope this helps!

Don’t sand the yoyo! Unless you’re sure you can do it right. If you sand it wrong, it is possible you will screw up, unbalance your yoyo, or destroy the starburst and make the yoyo unbindable. So unless it’s only a little change, and you’re sure you can use it if it goes wrong (or if you’re rich), then don’t sand your yoyo! A new bearing would be a good idea, KK and 10 ball does different things. KK will keep your string centered, while the 10 ball is a quieter, but better version of your average bearing.

Do what you’re planning to do, nothing else.

I don’t reconemd sanding it.

No need for a KK at this point, just work on your throw and buy a KickSide with the money.

A 10-Ball is what I reccomend most out of the 4 things you listed. It works aazingly well, but tekes a while to break in, still, you could stick with the stock bearing and have just as much fun.

You could give the rims a satin finish or a polish.

I suggest a KK. Even André uses one in his DM, and he says it gives him a “smoother feeling overall.”

And whats up with all these KK haters lately?

I think that people forget (or just don’t know) that the konkave bearing is more than just a “string center-er”. It is super smooth and actually pretty quiet if you use thin lube.

If you really want to get rid of the starburst I suggest you send it to a modder. We know how far to sand befor you get a string slipping problem. Also we don’t actually sand them. We cut them off then sad theat smooth. At least I do. Then you can recess it for silicone. Then you’ll have an awesome yoyo.

my kk is as loud as a jet engine but as smooth as butter so if you dont mind having a loud yoyo then i say get a kk :wink:

Im gonna do that stuff. All the stuff except my bearing choice is in my “cart” but i still cant decide on the bearing im gonna start a poll in the general section.

link is:,5460.0.html

I would get a 10 Ball bearing and Sand the Starburst a little.

Evan just made an amazing guide to modding, I sure you could do things in there that will help your DM. Here is the link-,5517.0.html

Haha thanks, I actually had read it right before this thread lol. But thanks anyway. ;D