What bearing should i get for my DM??

Subject and question say it all perfectly. ;D

Also this is from thread: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,5414.0.html

From personal preference, I prefer the 10 ball over the non-ceramic KK (konkave) because of its sleep times. I’d just add some shims instead of the KK.

vote, yo

YYF SPEC bearings are my favorite bearings.

Honestly, the stock bearings are wonderful. Unless you’re rich and have $20 laying around, I would stick with the stock one. If you do want to get a different one, look at what you want. Koncave helps center the string, 10 ball is supposed to be very smooth, and I’m not sure what AIG is.

I believe he means AIGR. (aircraft instrument gyro rated)

Really, there isn’t that much need for a bearing upgrade, but if you really want to, go for the 10-Ball.

Smooth, Quiet, long sleep times, great bearing.

The stock bearing will be fine.

These type of questions can only be answered by the one that asked it. What color shoes should i wear? What’s you favorite food? How hot is too hot? Which bearing should I get? Nobody can decide which bearing you will like except for you.

10 Ball. Ownage sleep times, easy cleaning, ownage silence.

But still, its not necessary.

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Quote For Truth.

Quote for Double Truth!

I have one in my BvM, BK, and soon M1.

Off-topic: Corn Flakes?

On-topic: The 10ball is pretty good. I don’t really care too much about the bearings I use. I use stock bearings. I’ve never really had problems with stock bearings.

OP here, obviously, lol.

Anyway, the reason i had this poll up was to make my online order worth the shipping cost, paying 6 usd for 7 usd of merchandise is stupid… can i say stupid here? not sure if its age appropriate…

Back to topic, so, since everyone keeps saying stock bearing this, stock bearing that, yet the polls say 10-ball… Im gonna go with… hmmm… 100 STRING!!! ;D

Thank you everyone for your wisdom.

This isn’t really a bad case.

You should always order lots of string though. I have gotten really close to running out before, an I’m getting there again. If you really feel the need to spend some extra money, buy some more accessories like a glove or something.

I think the shipping should depend on the weight, but on here it uses the awesome shipping… so i guess its not too bad. Im just a dang nagger. lol. I hate naggers. lol. (South Park anyone?)

I have never run out or gotten close, only been yoyoing for like 5 weeks, so that to me sounds crazy. but my guess is you are one of those individuals that like “newer” string.

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It does.

And I don’t really like newer string. I just can’t order that often.

Don’t know if you bought one yet but I say get a stock bearing!