10 Ball or Konkave

I like to upgrade my yoyos but I cant figure out which bearing to get.Should I get 10 Ball or a Konkave? ???

10 Ball Bearing is better. Dont waste your money on konkaves.

Well, don’t say one is better than the other. They will both do their job.

10 ball is much smoother than a konkave and because of the konkave’s string centering capability it’s easier to snag the yoyo. Plus 10 ball is cheaper.

Hmmm, I’ve never seen that happen in all the time I’ve played them.
Just lucky I guess. :wink:

I guess you are, after about 3 layers my boss snags up.

What about the Silicone Konkave. ???

lol o have never heard of a silicone beating, do you mean ceramic? and also why are you getting a new bearing? cause you want your throw to be smoother/play differently or because you think it will make you better?

Sorry about that I was just online looking at the bearing online when I noticed that. :-[

Yes I think that with a better bearing installed the yoyo will spin better. ;D

Ceramic Konkave is way to much for a bearing. Just get the 10 ball, it’s the smoothest bearing out there.

Thanks guys that solves my problems.

It would seem to me that once you get 3 layers in there, the concavity is mostly nil at that point. So I just don’t see it…

I agree with 10balls. I prefer them in most of my yoyos. Here’s the kicker though… I ordered a yoyo form Hong Kong that came with a kk. Upon closer inspection of the bearing, it had 10 balls. So I have a 10ball kk that is quiet, smooth, and awesome. It’s like the perfect mix =P

I’m planning on getting that :stuck_out_tongue:

the Mercury.

How is your LII knockoff? xD

joking, obviously.

Anyway, 10ball.