Differences between Bearings?



I was curious if there were any major differences between bearings in yo-yos?
I have seen some claim to be stainless steel - what does that make the other ones?
Some are 10 balls - what does that makes the others?
Some are KonKave - is that really worth it?

Thanks for your help ahead of time.



its all preference. You kind of have to try them, and find which one works best for you. The best for me personally is konkave 6x13x5


Well a KonKave Bering is probably best because it centers the string in the gap. This way it doesn’t touch the sides as much. Its great for landing the yo yo on the string more times than usually. Yes it really is worth it if you want to have longer spins and better play. Also if you want to play a bit less responsively it helps there two. As for the types of bearing that are made of steel will more likely rust. Get some stainless steel bearings if you can. Ten ball bearing are a bet smothers. And as spinnerdude said try em out see what you like and thank out side the box. Also always remember, Keep it spinning.


Is konkave fit to all yo-yos? Is it working on DM, Hitman Hybrid and Speeder?


Well it they come in various sizes so you can get them for all types of yo yos. You really just need to see what size yours takes and see if you can find a konkave the same size. They really are great upgrades and are worth the $15 for a stander one. If you want a really smooth throw get a ceramic one. They are around $30. If you need to know the size of a bearing ask the yoyoexpert, he might know. If you need one go to yoyonation.com. Its one of the best yo sites there is. Hope that helps. Remember keep it spinning.