Good Concave bearings

I have an Audley Flame Soul, and I love the concave bearing inside. However, I don’t think I can find them selling online anymore. I tried to find some concave-shaped bearings from other brands, but the choices are pretty limited. What is the best concave bearing that is also not too pricey? (Also, I don’t like grooved bearings)

KonKave from Dif E Yo of course!!! Ftw!!


that bearing cost 14.5$, pretty expensive IMO. Are there any cheaper options?
Also, the original throw bearing is only 12$, but is that a concave bearing though?

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Is the external raceway flat across or does it have a little curve in it?

I am not too sure from the pictures. It says concave string centering bearings at the description, while the KK says original centering bearing. It looks less curved than the KK bearing.

Dif E Yo is worth every penny!!!


There is ceramic version of it, how much longer does it spin compared to the normal stainless steel?

I would just get the steel one. You wont notice much difference, at least I didn’t. Get a lot of strings and have fun!!!


I had the ceramic and now I just don’t bother especially since the steel works really well and is a fraction of the price of ceramic.

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I see

Unless you’ve just got to have a ceramic in which case go for it. Cause that’s how I got my first one. And I paid forty bucks for the privilege too. Always use a bearing tool if your going to swap it around. That’s pretty much it. Good luck!

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Thks for the info! Btw have u tried out the gold plated NSK concave bearing? For only 5$ more, I can get a gold plated bearing (lol). But idk if it actually has any performance improvements or am I just paying for more for the gold.

Also, are concave bearings much different than the usual center track bearings? I also heard that the buddha double double (V shaped) and buddha whipple (not sure what shape it is, looks like a shaper V to me) are good bearings for the price. How different do the Buddha bearings feel on the string compared to the normal concave bearings?

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Gold plating is hype, and it usually wears off. Not worth the premium price. Same goes for the ceramic. Stainless steel works just fine.


Gold plating always wears off. I actually have all sorts of different bearings in my rotation right now, Center tracs, concave, v shape, v with grooved center, and so far I don’t feel like any of them held me back. I do notice and pick up on slight difference in characteristics here and there, but nothing I would call bad. Most of the time the best feeling bearing is the one I just cleaned and lubed with a teeny tiny drop of thin lube.

I will say if you have a large enough collection and try enough bearings, every once in a while you find a particular bearing design that compliments a particular yoyo really well, and even then, just slightly noticeable, not life changing. It’s hard to describe, I hate to say it but it’s one of those things that’s different for each person. The most annoying part is that you never really know until try it yourself.


I like buddha nsk magicyoyo difeyo great bearings I use em all

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I recently bought a NSK gold just as a back up and see if they are worth it. I can say that with my top performing yo-yos it was an improvement over the YYF ctx (barely), but not the OD ten ball (not concave though).


That’s been my experience.
Yours may vary.


Yes they are great bearings kinda pricy but good. Also groove bearings are great too