is a Die-f-yo konkave bearing worth it?

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Should I get a Die-f-yo konkave bearing? ???


A konkave really only helps in keeping the string centered easier during tricks and such and also helps with multiple layers. But with a good throw you can get the string centered and it will pretty much stay, as for multiple layers I would say a konakave would help in smaller gapped yoyos such as the DM my dv888 does just fine though.

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Learn to throw properly. The bearing shouldn’t matter.


As others have said, a clean technique is the best and allows for more bearing options. However, they definitely are nice. I would recommend the Center Trac bearing that you can buy from YYE. $5 less than a standard KonKave, comes pre-cleaned, and is so smooth. Same functionality and a smaller price tag is a win in my book.



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try it out if you are willing to shell out the cash for it, maybe you will go crazy for it, only problem is you might want to order a Dif-e-yo KonKave bearing instead of a Die-F-Yo, as I am unsure of where those are made :wink:

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sorry just misspelled the name. ;D

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lol i know, i was just joking :smiley:

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why did you say no??

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its all preference i have one and i love it. not to sound bias or anything.


yep they are worth it! i have almost all different bearings (yyj, centertrac, dorthy, bc grove, spec, dif concave) my dif bearing is my most used and relable bearing.