best bearings?


So I use a YYF suprnova with some grooved bearing, and its amazing. I love but but im thinking about a different bearing since this one is really cheap. My friend says the crucial grooved is amazing. Also what about one drop? Was it the 10 ball? I dont really know but yeah thanks.


Ceramic concave!! They’re $30 but so worth it!!!


I get my bearings for 1 buck each. Don’t even care how much “finger flick” time I get. At that price point, if a bearing doesn’t do well after a clean or two I just toss it. Hardly lose anything. Oh yeah and they’re 10 ball concaves.


I have tried ALOT of bearings. almost every one yoyoexpert offers.
I can tell you the three best bearings on the market currently are and in no best to worst ranking

  1. center trac and Center trac X
  2. Dif-e-o konkave
  3. yoyo rec DS bearing.

out of the three the DS and the konkave are tied for my favorite because I love their feel and sound.
but nothing tops the performance and play of a center trac. so to me they are all equal.


Concave bearings forever! Best ones are DifEYo KonKave or even better ceramic KonKave.

That’s if your buying in the US, you can get Chinese 10 ball concave bearings that are about as good as legit KKs for a buck a piece


Yyf center trac x is one of my faves, and when you buy a yyf throw you can get one for 5 bucks! The twisted trifecta is also awesome. I haven’t bought one since twisted stringz sold so I don’t know if they are the same.

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In question 13 on this post,73684.0.html I give some of my personal opinions on what the best bearing is depending on what you want.


So im thinking dif-e-yo konkave or center track how much is the center trac x? And I thought the twisted trifecta would be a good choice,too.


I’ve played with all of those and my favorite is the dif-e-yo konkave. I think the CTX is $13 or something. You can still check the page for the exact price


I love KK bearings, and ceramic 10 balls. :slight_smile:


Price isn’t a factor by the way, just remember that :wink:
so the dif-e-yo is a KK seems like the best one? Thanks guys lets see how my supernova plays with it!