Is the Dif-E-Yo KonKave Bearing good for keeping the string centered

i saw that this bearings sort of like dents in and wondered if that helps keep the string centered when thrown i may buy a yoyo with this bearing so i just wanted to know

Did you read the Discription? It says there. This post is not nessisary(SP). Google it Plz. :slight_smile:

It’s the whole point of a konkave bearing. Dif-e-Yo isn’t the only company that does this, you can also buy a Center Trac.

or u could throw better

KonKaves are good at keeping the yoyo centered.
It also makes the yoyo unresponsive.
I like them!

P.S. You can also buy a center trac although I’ve found thoses loud and with short lives. Just my experience.

I think it helps in keeping the STRING centered not the yoyo, if your string’s centered it will help keeping the yoyo balanced, or not tilted, because the strings is not rubbing against the sides of the yoyo.