Hey guys decide which one all thin lube and tell please what you picked.

AND IT WOULD ALWAYS BE GREAT IF ANDRE TOLD ME AHEMAHEM sorry had a little tickle there in the throght


I like the 10-ball bearing the most. I suggest you dont lube any of them though.


I picked the KonKave bearing, it works best for me just broken in. I haven’t actually tried the 10 ball bearing from One Drop, so I don’t know if it’s better than a kk.


fyi, dorothy bearing arent in production anymore, they have been replaced by the SPEC bearing


i like the konkaved the best. they are my favorite. later.

keep it spinning


I’m thinking about buying a Ceramic KK for the M1 I’m getting soon. Is that a good idea?


Yeah, but it isnt worth it. It comes stock with a 10-Ball, and when broken in, you have one awesome bearing.


How do you keep the string in the middle of the bearing?


practice practice practice, you have to learn to throw straight every time


so i should get a SPEC bearing? cause i want the dorothy bearing but it is like the same thing only better cause i want it to sleep really long time and samad why nor lube any of them?


KonKave Bearings are great if you want a less responsive yo-yo.

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Konkave bearing- it has like a small ditch in the middle so the string is center, bringing it away from the responce- FYyourI- less responsive


yeah spec bearings are outstanding, and lube away, you should always lube your bearing especially a kk or a spec or they will die on you within a couple months


I meant if I kept the 10-Ball.


You cant. But after playing with my 10ball for 3 days, it spins longer then my KK that I have been using for 2 weeks.

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I realy love the kk, i used the stock bearing in my x-con for a while and there is no comparison, the kk keeps the string right down the middle…very nice. As for lube i have been using cliper oil, Wahl brand and it works very well. ;D


Hey, we both use the same lube, lol!

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great minds think a li… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: well any way it was the only thing that i could find on hand.