SPEC bearing vs. KK bearing

I just got my Skyline today and i was wondering if I should replace the SPEC bearing with a KK bearing. Can you guys help me out please? Thanks!!!

Not to be mean but try the search button.

Preference. I had a KK in my 888 for a while, but then I put my SPEC back in, and I love it.

for some reson my kk snags a lot! and i have played with it for about 3 months every day! i like spec berring because they are unbelivably smooth! the kk in my xvict wont even do skin the gerbil without snagging and spiraling out of control! (it does have long sleep times though)

Spec. Smoother and quieter.

I have a question, how do you make a 10-Ball bearing silent? I cleaned it and everything, but its still so loud. I tried lubing it ,but it doesn’t work(I usually run by 10-Ball bearings dry though).

I keep them loud.
Also, cleaning will only make them louder. Try putting more lube in it if you want it to be quiet that bad, but I keep mine loud.