10 ball bearing? or Dif-e-yo KonKave bearing?

I need to know which one is beter for yo-yoing. I’m getting a new M1 and it comes with a 10ball bearing but i have a kk bearing too and i need to see which is the best. You chose.



10-ball imho, its quieter, sleeps longer, smoother feel, but in the end it is just preference, i use kks and 10-balls so i would try both in your m1 and see which one you like better. :slight_smile:

KonKave totally i got one its AMAZING

Well, how could you compare? Have you tried a 10-Ball?

Well from reading reviews on 10 balls i’d say they are smother and probably spinning long. However an KK beaing makes it more unresponsive and more able to land the string more times. There kinda ballenced out in my thanking. later.

Yea, yea, 10 balls are smooth and sleep long but KKs sleep longer and olay smoother, and besides, who cares if the yoyo is quieter