Spec vs gold vs 10-ball vs konkave (bearing)

Hi everybody,just wanted to ask, what bearing do you recommend? I am learning advanced 1 tricks on this site and I want to get a smoother and more unresponsive bearing.

I don’t have a gold bearing, so these are the comparisons with the other 3.

Times when flicked in descending order:
10 ball

10 ball the smoothesst!
KK is smooth, but not as smooth as the others

10 ball is silent
Spec is quiet

Thats my opinion. I love the 10 ball.

10 ball man.

Keep it spinning™

I find that my SPEC gives every yoyo I put it on a lighter feel. My SpeedMaker is light, but the SPEC just gave it an even lighter feel.

I love SPECs AND 10-balls.

SPECS are my second choice because they are quite and smooth. I’m starting to shy away from my kk because it is noisy and just not smooth at all. Put it like this, my kk is as smooth as a cliff face. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Go with the gold man! Bling your yoyo! 8) Just kidding. Which ever you’d prefer. It can be a tough decision sometimes. Don’t break the bank. ;D

I’m surprised how smooth my KK is actually. Too bad other people arent getting the same experience.

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lol My kk is so loud that the library would chase me out. My 10 ball is so silent that no one would notice in a library.

My kk aint even smooth lol, pretty sad. What yoyo did you put ur kk on? Maybe that affects it ???

Agreed, I have a KK and I love it, I use it in my Lyn Fury. Clean it and lube it, shuts it up very nicely and smooth as butta.

I agree with Evan. Mine is VERY silent. Clean it, and put some shut-up juice, and you’re good to go.

Yup. I have one in my Auldey L3 (not the bootlegged KK, a real KK) and its super smooth and quiet. All you can hear is the wind from the yoyo spinning.

personally I love 10balls and KKs i ordered from yoyosam and they sent me a duncan size KK instead of a large bearing :frowning: but i put it in my mosquito and now its unresponsive enough to do alot of tricks and it spins for about 40 seconds! personally i recommend whichever you want more, 10 balls are also stainless steel (i really want a ceramic KK…)

anybody have a ceramic ? do any comparisons , any input on a ceramic over a broken in metal ?
what about a mercury ?

the gold are great at first but wear down and stink after a lil while

Id say 10 ball are the best silent smooth and sleep alot longer compared to others

so why cant we have 10 ball make concave or grooved 10balls

Imho why the heck would you ever want the string to touch the side of the yo that only slows it down and no matter what the string always drifts to the side and never remains centered so KK is a must but yes compared to the 10ball the kk is louder less and less smoother and dont sleep nearly as long, yes cleaned and same oil

There are no Konkave 10 balls because they are both made my different companies.

KonKave bearings are not necessary. Yes they help keep the string centered a bit, but that isn’t necessary as you get better and your throw straightens.

Ceramic bearings do give a slightly better spin time, but unless you’re Bill Gates or somebody with a lot of money, who has $30 lying around? Also, you shouldn’t need that extra spin time.

i cant belive noone said this yet but its all about skill level. if u have a whacked throw it wont help alot to have the ten ball, but if u have a good throw it will. Beginers who have bad throws should get kk to keep it centerd . that would help alot . but if u throw goood kk wont help alot. but personly even with a good throw my cleaned kk works better then my 10 ball :wink:

Since kk makes the yoyo more unresponsive, beginners should not get it, right?

Yeah, the kk was made for unresponsiveness. It definitely wont help for beginners to use it, unless they have perfect binding skills.

So if I get an M1, will it come with a 10 ball?


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