SPEC vs. Gold vs. 10 ball bearing

     I've been looking at different kinds of bearings and think that a Gold or 10 ball looks the best.  I already have a SPEC and am wondering if the other two are really that much better.  Feel free to ask more questions. 

10 ball all the way, they spin the longest and are the most silent.

Gold bearings wear out after a few weeks of playing, and will be worse off than normal YYJ stock bearings, not saying that yyj bearings are bad.

10-balls are really smooth. I have heard that the AIGR bearings are pretty good as well. But SPECs are supposed to be really good bearings. That’s why YYF stocks their better yoyos with them.

SPECs are my favorite :wink:

Ok I have 2 more questions:

1 - Does anyone have a SPEC and 10 ball? This would be nice if someone could tell me there preferance about these.
2 - I’ve heard that your supposed to run 10 balls dry. Is this true? And why?

I have both.

  1. Spec: Extremely smooth, and quiet.
    10Ball: Nice and smooth, very long spinning.

  2. No. You never have to run any bearing dry. That is a choice of your own.

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The 10 ball is really quiet, smooth, and spins a long time and like Pheenix said the AIGR is really good, when you first get it without breaking it in it already has 2 minutes sleep times and is as queit as a 10 ball so you decide.

I have both.

Spec is extremely smooth, quite quiet
10 ball is extremely smooth, silent, and much longer spinning than the spec. 10 ball wins all the way.

You don’t need to run them dry, but its best to, so that they play to their best of their abilities. 10 balls are super high quality, so it should be fine.

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What do you mean by running it dry?

Cleaning it to remove all the lube, and playing it without lube. This makes the bearings spin to the best of their ability, but since there is no lube, the bearing can eventually start grinding down itself and die.

Also to on the safe side you can blow the bearing with compressed air to take out the paint thinner you used to clean the bearing. And if you get the 10 ball its stainless steel I think so its harder for it to rust and such by playing it dry.

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How long do you think it takes until the 10-ball bearing dies when you run it dry?

I’ll let you know :wink:

I’ve had mine dry since February, and its still perfectly good.

Yea there are people who have used 10 balls for 2 years dry and still runnin’ fine, don’t worry about it rusting any time soon.

I just did a search and there are many many topics about the same exact thing as this.

That’s the one I was following for a while. It has some good information.

Is it natural for the 10-Ball bearing to be so loud when it’s runned DRY?

Yes its normal, some shut up juice (thin lube) will do the trick.

YES. Dry 10-balls are not silent in any way. I just put a tiny drop in mine and *poof’ silence. Still plays awesomely though.