10-Ball Bearing

  • Does it fits in YYJ Yo-yo’s? (In Speedmaker)
  • What is the difference with 10-Ball bearing compare to Other Bearings that has more Balls in it?
  • So, (In Your Opinion) Is it better thank KK’s? (Or other bearings that above It’s price?, KK’s Ceramic KK’s, etc.)
  • Stainless?
  • How you will know Stainless Bearings Break in?
  • Is it okay to clean it with lighter fluid?
  • What happen If you clean the (Any) bearing with Lighter Fluid or Mineral Spirits without applying them Thin Lube? (I mean just cleaning them with does Liquids without applying Thin Lube)

Sorry, I’m just curious! :smiley:

#1: Yes
#2: Other bearings dont have mroe then 10 balls and arent as quiet and smooth IMO
#3: Yes
#4: Yes
#5: When it spins longer then when you got it stock.
#6: I think it is ok
#7: If you blow it out with compressed air or let it dry VERY well then it will spin more but can possibly become louder then if you did apply lube.

You don’t really need to clean it with lighter fluid. Since the 10 ball bearing is stainless steel, you can clean it with just water. That saves alot of time. :wink:

Have you ever even tried a KK? Just asking.

Yep, had it in my legacy then my M1 becuz my 10 ball broke then I bought a AIGR bearing with my P2 so I had a 10 ball and AIGR and I prefered those 2 over my KK.

is it ok to run dry from the start? i saw dif-e-yo said “run dry at your own risk, meant for YYJ thin lub”. i ran my dv888 for months dry and its fine but i just ordered another dv888, one to be for 10ball, one for stock. so can anyone please tell me if 10ball is ok to run dry. btw, i DO have yyj thin, just dont like to use it since i love yyf stock so far and idk what it will do to it.

10ball bearings are just so amazingly good. It really comes down to performance if you like flat bearings better than these “curved” ones. I find flat bearings to give more room though. The only yoyos I prefer KK’s or Center Tracs in are yoyos with o-rings in them.

I would rather a 10ball than a KK or center trac. i just ordered one i was JW if its ok to run dry.

p.s. how is center trac on dv888s. same company that makes the stock bearing correct?

Sorry bro. I had to ask. What’s an AIGR?

They are what comes stock with General-Yo yo-yos, issuzark.

I think this is an old thread…

I have a center Track in my Dv888 and it really doesn’t make a difference, I messed up my stock bearing when I dinged my yoyo really hard :-[ and I just decided to spend the extra buck for a center track over a flat yyf replacement bearing.

Mind me to ask guys, but where to order a 10 ball bearing from ?
could any one tell me please :slight_smile:


PM’ed you a link.

Thanks for the tip! I was jw is the process the same except u just use water instead of lighter fluid/mineral spirits? Thanks.

umm no u shouldnt clean it in WATER at alll just because its stainless steel… stainless steel will just not rust as easy or fast as regular steel u still need to use lighter fluid or mineral spirits

Don’t use water. Stainless rusts…

BTW - the only reason I didn’t delete your replies to a post that is almost a year old is because of the poor advice you picked up from it.