10 Ball, Ceramic, Gold?

Being relatively new to the yo-yo world in which there is more to it than a fixed axle and just going up and down, I’m trying to sort out all this mod stuff as in what’s needed, what’s not, for whom, and why. And stuff like that.

Not that I think I need new bearings, but I’ve been looking at them just the same.

From what I can tell by reading here, people seem to like the 10 ball the best over the CKK.

Is it really the best?
And why?

Also I saw where they have gold bearings that they claim are good.
Are they?

And are they as good as the 10 ball?

I prefer 10-balls over everything,I love KKs but stil like broken in 10-balls more

If you are new to yoyoing, I can’t see any reason to upgrade your bearing yet. And when it comse to that CKK. the CKK is one of the better bearing, but a lot of people choose to stay away from them since they cost 30 dollars. 10balls are smooth and not to mention cheap.

If you are having problems when it comes to keeping the string centered, a regular stainless steel KK is a nice upgrade. But be careful, they are known to make yoyos a bit unresponsive, so you should know how to bind when getting one.

No bearing has been claimed as the “best”. This is because everyone sis looking for different things in a bearing. While people are using KKs to keep the string centered at all times, others use 10balls or SPECs for the smooth and long spins.

Gold bearings are known to be very good when they are fresh. But some people have claimed that the quality of the spin decreases drastically with time.

All you have to do is to find the bearing you like the most. There are a ton of different bearings out there. You don’t have to try every single one, but if you think that there could be a better bearing in your yoyo, upgrade to a bearing you find interesting.

Addment: IMO, a lot of stock bearings are good enough. And although some people claim that YYJ stock bearings stink, I find that they play fine.

We weren’t really saying that we liked 10balls over ceramic konkaves, but most people preferred them over normal KonKaves. KonKaves will keep the string in the center of the yoyo - Yeah, that’s great. Still, many people like the 10balls for other reasons. Here are some reasons why I like the 10ball more:

It is much smoother
Requires less maintenance (then my KonKave)
Spins incredibly
Nice and quiet
And even costs less.

Now, lets talk about the Ceramic KonKave bearing for a second. It is a very good bearing. Spins like a champ, extremely smooth, and just a great all-around bearing. But look at the price tag. $30. Look at the 10balls, or even the KonKaves price tag. The 10ball is $10, and the KonKave is $15.

This is how people reason the price of the CKK. It is 3 times the price of the 10ball. But does it delver 3 times the play? Same with the KonKave. Is it twice as good for twice it’s price?

Once again, it is a wonderful bearing. But a 10ball would be more wallet friendly to you, and give you almost the same great play of the CKK! Its your choice. Hopefully this post shed some light on you.


I’m relatively new but not a complete novice so I’ve got the binding down pretty well. And like I said, I don’t really think I need a new bearing, I’m actually pretty happy with what I’ve got, but I’m checking into all this stuff anyway. I figure the more I know about what options are out there the better. I’m just trying to learn what I can.

And generally speaking centering the string isn’t an issue. But I do still get the occasional awkward throw.

But should the day come I want to upgrade, so far it sounds like the 10 is the way to go.

Like everyone else said 10 balls are extremely smooth and quiet while most of the time konkaves are much more noisy. I had to switch to konkave cuz my 10 ball broke :’(. Anyways 10 balls are much cheaper, if you go to onedropyoyos.com they got 10 balls for 8 dollars.

I would recommend the 10 ball because it plays very well(IMO), and is more economical. The CKK is awesome(IMO), but it’s a little pricey.