KonKave Bearing vs. One Drop 10-Ball bearing

Okay, I just bought a M1 and I can’t decide if I should put a KonKave bearing in, or a 10-Ball bearing.
Can you guys help me out please? Thanks!!! ;D

Doesn’t it already come with a 10-ball? (I’m not sure I don’t have one.) Also, if you are having a hard time centering your string or just want a smooth play, Konkave is good. But 10 ball is also smooth.

Yes, it does come with a 10-ball bearing, but I’m not sure if I should switch it with a KonKave bearing.

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Well, are you centered on the string? If yes, you don’t need it. Personally, its not worth it if you already have a 10-ball.

Trust me, there should be no need to put a KK in your M1. If you want to, it won’t destroy your M1 and it won’t make it worse.

Addment: If you already have a KK you can just try it out and see what you like best.

One thing about the 10ball is it takes a long time to break in

Its personal preference. Just try them both and see what you like better.

Personally, I would go with the 10ball, hands down. Once 10balls break in, they play like magic to me. So smooth. KK’s are good, but I would still rather have a 10ball :wink:

Thanks for the advice!!!


I would stick with your konkave for now. :wink: No need to switch over at this point.

I would go with the 10 ball because it will help you learn to throw straight a lot and it’s way more quiet. If you cant throw straight even though you tried just use the konkave.

I just got a 10 ball and cleaned it. It plays completely silent, and it feels like its dead. If you like completely silent yoyos that you can play in the library, get a 10 ball! KK is much noisier. But kk’s don’t spin as long (8 seconds with flick), my 10 ball can spin for 30 seconds with a flick.

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I just recently got my M1 as well and i have it broken in. I absolutley love the 10 ball its completly silent and in feel like the yoyo is not spinning on the string, so smooth. But of course it usually comes down to preference. If you think you need help with your throw get a KK. :wink:

i dont want to start another redundant thread, so here it goes:

how does the KK bearing compare to DM Bearing and YYF SPEC bearing?

The KK will beat most bearings. If you want a great increase in performance, get a Ceramic KK, but then again, they’re not really worth it IMO.

i agree. but a 10ball like what it comes with (but broken in) will spin quite a bit longer than a kk

Get a konkave.

I beg to differ. My konkave just spun for 31 seconds and 33 seconds. My 10 ball broke tho so i don’t know how long it spins for when it’s broken in.

10-Ball bearings are FAR from SILENT.

Explain, KonKave Bearings are much louder, and after a clean, my 10-Balls are still silent-ish.