Difference btw. the Konkave bearing and Ceramic one

What’s the difference???

konkave is, concave. ceramic has ceramic balls

Ceramic bearings last longer and spin better then normal steel bearings.

One is more unnecessary than the other is unnecessary.


truth :slight_smile:

even though i was one of the posters :slight_smile:

seriously, KK do make a difference, it’s basic physics

ceramic is pure bling tho

I love my KK Bearings, but Ceramic is completely useless in a Yoyo. just hype to make more cash.

Yes, a difference. Centering the string, making the string bunch up in layers during tricks instead of laying side by side, causing snags, and closing up suicide loops.
Unless you are going for a long sleeper contest, its completely unnecessary.

yea Konkave bearings are awesome.
I played with my friends Dif-e-yo Overhaul and that thing played like a beast with the KK.

Ceramic is just that sparkly thing that distracts some of the special people hehe ;D

Have any of you tried a good ceramic or just speculating?

Jay -> you got my mp, there’s a “public” part to what I want to tell you and here it is

about the “basic physics”, I feel the need to explain myself.

because of the bearing, the yoyo rotation has no affect of the position on the string on the bearing. that’s the whole point of having a ball bearing yoyo, to have the string be independent to the yoyo’s rotation.

with a flat bearing, the string is more likely to hit the yoyo’s moving part, therefore interfering with the rotation in several ways.

beginner don’t have a strong throw and can’t perform tricks perfectly, more often than not, they miss and have to start again. If the yoyo slows down or tilts (due to their weak throw) they have to wind it up and rethrow.

Some tricks have many technical elements and sometimes, getting through the trick requires to perform difficult moves and mounts that are more likely to slow the yoyo down.

Therefore, for a beginner, having the longest possible sleeping yoyo is a real edge because it allows him some extra time to be able to practice more and further more easily.

You obviously are not a beginner anymore, but keep in mind that what’s now easy to you can be incredibly difficult to others, you had your time when you were struggling, now that you’re good doesn’t mean that everyone else is as good as you are.

And it’s too bad if, when you started there might not have been KK bearings, and maybe that made you a better thrower overall, but now they’re there and they’re not useless, they help the beginners with that extra sleeping time they want to get to that part furthermore into the trick.

the truth is, people don’t care about “getting bad habits”, people don’t care about responsive yoyoing, they’ll eventually work these things out later down the road, but when kids want to start playing they want long sleeping time and stable yoyos, they’re not at the point where they have layers and layers of strings in their bearings, they’re at the point where when they finally hit the double or nothing mount, the yoyo dies miserably due to the years and thousands of throws they still need to get the move right and a powerful sleeper like you have.

don’t be such an elitist and remember when you started, when you were a noob, understand that today, there are people asking for solutions and other people giving them the solutions they want.

there can only be one world champ at a time, and most of us just play because it’s fun and not that frustrating thanks to today’s technology and evolutions, what took years to master a decade ago can now be learned in a few weeks. And all in all, it benefits to the community.

what you are doing here is basically calling all people who use KK bearings idiots, just because YOU are good enough, YOU have thousands of throws behind you that allowed you to now, throw straight and strong, YOU do multi layer tricks, looking for that extra edge to add just one or a couple extra layer. therefore EVERYONE should do it YOUR WAY and everyone who doesn’t is wrong.

^ that seemed a little aggresive.

I think concaves (whether Chinese, genuine KK or ceramic) have far more disadvantages than advantages.

I sent you a pm too Hadoq, regarding you over-reacting and saying I called you an idiot.
Read up.

As for why KK bearings are unnecessary.

Its fact that kk centers string yes, and did you ever see what exactly happens due to this? As you can imagine, the string layers will bunch up to the middle, when this happens, there can be snagging due to the bunching of strings. On a flat bearing, when the yoyo strings fall to the side of each other, there not as much snagging as the strings are free to slide over the metal, instead of over the other strings.
During suicides, the affect of the string actually being against the wall of the yoyo a bit causes the suicide to open much better due to that fricition. Without it, the loops dont open up as well.

This is something that many of the throwers who have been throwing for a while realize. Which is why other companies have tried to make bearings that don’t cause this as much, e.g. crucial groove bearing.

Just saying.


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how long does it take to type your amazing (and long) posts hadoq?

I personally like KKs. The only time I really notice snagging is when I first start to learn a trick, but after I get better at it, the snagging sorta stops. That being said, I can’t do really advanced tricks yet so when more string layers get involved, I’m sure that having the strings all bunched together can cause problems.

Just a foot note here, i can do all the same tricks with or without a kk or any other centered bearing, it’s all a matter of how you do it. :slight_smile:

KK’s are totally useless garbage. Practice makes perfect.

And Hadoq, nobody’s gonna read ur post, its too long,…play with your little toys if u going to go around flaming at everyone…


Another aspect that no one has mentioned is your physical health.

Because the string is centred when the yoyo is wound up, when you throw, the last bit of string doesn’t unwind but just slips through the gap.

This ‘thunking’ at the bottom of the string puts a lot of strain on your finger and wrist and can lead to problems.