KonKave Ceramic Bearing?

Just wondering if the Konkave Ceramic Bearing is worth the 30 bucks or not. Never used a ceramic bearing. But just not sure if it makes much of a difference. Help me out

simple answer: no

long answer: it’s really not worth 30 bucks. It closes gaps for suicides, and it doesn’t spin noticably longer. someone said they got a while 3 extra seconds spin time from it. Stock bearings will suffice with whatever you’re trying to do. the only bearings that are an upgrade (if you ask me) are one drop 10 ball bearings, and a terrapin x bearing. you can order od 10 ball for 8 bucks, or terrapin x for 7.50 on ebay.

The main thing that’s going to effect how long your yoyo sleeps is you. more practice = better throw = longer sleep.

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The ceramic kk dosen’t add a huge amount of spin and if you use lighter fluid to clean it then it will mess it up. It also depends what style of yoyoing you do. Some are better suited for kk, center trac, or just a plain flat bearing, try all three and see which works best for you.

In my opinion, i <3 konkaves, but i have never used a ceramic konkave. but when i buy stuff, i never have second thoughts, because then i might not buy something, which leads to me missing out. So if i had the money, and YYE had size c in stock, i would buy one. But thats my opinion. First get a konkave, and upgrade from there.

I dont really think they are. They spin smooth but not really longer. They also create snags with too many layers of string. I think 15 would be more reasonable. I prefer center tracks if im using a grooved bearing. My fav is OD the ball tho.

Where are you getting this false information?

If you light it on fire maybe…

My favorite bearing is the crucial grooved bearing, it is only 11 bucks and added15 seconds spin time
And kept my string dead center all the time. Ceramic isn’t worth it. it only makes the bearing slightly smoother and the one drop 10 ball is even more smooth. Hope this helps! ;D

Fire doesn’t really technically break it. It withstands heat. lol

Lighter fliud is one of the most ideal cleaning solution.

So it IS ok to clean them with lighter fluid? I’ve never gotten a definitive answer. Thus, my KK ceramic remains unused. I wouldn’t think that a solvent would have any effect on ceramic, but I’m not sure.

Lighter fluid has no negative effect on ceramic. Acetone and MEK is the best.

Lighter fluid OK on any bearing. Ideal choice.

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Some people have said that cleaning ceramic bearings might mess them up, like on that other forums store.

It DOES mess them up. At least using lighter fluid to clean them does. I did it yesterday (as per advice I was given) and now my 30 dollar bearing is toast. It will not spin AT ALL now. The lighter fluid just froze it up. I think it melted the ceramic balls. And I know I didn’t do anything wrong. DO NOT clean your ceramic KKs with lighter fluid. Trust me

Call me goofy, but I don’t think ceramic melts. It doesn’t even etch too well. Chemically speaking.

Well… Lesson learned guys. Don’t clean your ceramic bearing. Also, looks like slade was correct when he said lighter fluid will mess up the bearing. Also, who ever said that konkaves close suicide loops is false. They actually keep them open, because it stops the string from dragging against the walls of the yoyo.

I’ve cleaned my ceramic twice now with no negative results. I use mineral spirits though instead of lighter fluid.
There shouldn’t be anything that’ll damage the bearing in either though…
never tried it personally, but I’ve heard of lighter fluid being a bit sticky if you do it incorrectly. that could possibly be the problem there.

And I’m pretty sure you actually want the string to touch the walls to help keep that loop open. I’m not saying it’s impossible to do a suicide with one or anything, but it certainly doesn’t keep them more open than a flat bearing.

Once again…

Then you did something else wrong. The ceramic balls will not be affected by lighter fluid or most any other solvent you have access to. Under normal circumstances ceramic is indestructible.

I have to agree. Although I’m no bearing cleaning expert, I have cleaned a few bearings in my time. I use mineral spirits and I don’t have issues.

I’d like to know how those complaining about cleaning bearings went about cleaning the bearing, from start to finish. There has to be SOMETHING wrong with the process or method or skipping steps or something. Now I don’t have a ceramic to test with, but I can’t for the life of me see why there should be any problem cleaning a ceramic bearing the same way.

I buy and use Terrapin X Bearings(hey, order coming your way for a bunch soon, BTW! I got lots of new items coming in)) and I like them. But I have other bearings as well, and they also need some care from time to time as well. So, if you need a really high quality bearing that’s an affordable alternative, well, there’s a an option right there.

Bottom line, if we have ball bearing yoyos, we should all know how to clean bearings.