Konkave ceramic bearings

okay, so I have a question. I ordered a package from yynation and they forgot to send it. It was only some string and some k-pads, but it took like 2 weeks for them to even respond to my email about the situation. When they finally did, they offered me a discount on my next purchase and a few coupons for a couple of dollars each. I asked them if they could just send me a ceramic kk instead of the other package, because with the coupons it added up to about the same.

Well, I finally got the kk in the mail, and when I first put it on it played smooth as glass, but as soon as I dropped a drop or two of thin lube in it, it started to sound and play just like any other bearing. I decided to pop the shields off of it because I was curious, and I noticed that nothing internal (that I could see) was ceramic. My question is: do the ceramic kk’s have ceramic balls underneath the metal “wheel” looking things inside the bearing? on most bearings when you pop the shields off, from one side you can see the balls and from the other side you see the internal shield that holds the balls or whatever. The KK looks the same from both sides. Does it have the ceramic balls underneath the metal? I am thinking that it’s a regular kk that came dry, thats why it played so smooth and quiet when I got it in the mail. If anyone has a ceramic kk and could fill me in on what’s up, then please don’t hesitate.

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Not sure by what you mean by this (do the ceramic kk’s have ceramic balls underneath the metal “wheel” looking things inside the bearing?). but you should see the same thing on both sides. Unlike some bearings that the balls can only be seen from one side.
You should see 8 blackish/gray balls with a metal ring holding them in place. That’s how you tell them apart from stainless steel. The SS will just look like the rest of the bearing, were the ceramic will have black balls.
If I remember correctly the ceramic KK comes heavy lubed. That’s why when you put the thin lube in it sounded like a regular bearing( you broke down the thick lube). Honestly, my ceramic is a little bit quieter, but just as smooth as my SS.

Well, the internal “shield” is covering the balls from both sides, so I can’t tell what they look like. When I say “wheel,” I mean the little arch over top of the balls. But from either side, all I can see is stainless steel.

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This is easier than you think… is there a black dot on the ‘rim’ of the bearing anywhere?

If not, it’s not a ceramic… all of frank’s konkave ceramic bearings are marked.


black dot? do you mean on the shield, or on the outside rim of the bearing? (like where yyf puts the yyf?) The only marking I have seen is a little thing on the shield that has three little letters that look like they say “GED” or “CED”, but they are an engraving and they are not black.

I quite specifically said ‘rim’ :slight_smile:

Should be on the outer race, it looks like a sharpie dot…


ahhh, okay, sorry, I am new to yoyoing. I am not quite familiar with all the terms yet. Okay, so they definitely did not send me a ceramic kk bearing. There is absolutely no black dot anywhere on this bearing, and if you pop the shields off everything inside is stainless steel. Thanks for your help, man, I can’t believe that they did that to me.

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The new Ceramic KK don’t have black dots on them, if you look closely at the CKK shields, there’s an engraving on the shields, somthing like, “CEC” or somthing, short for CEramiC. They did this because the black dot on the original older CKK’s would wear off. It was eaisier to tell if the KK was ceramic or not. I compared the shields on the regular KK from the ceramic one, the regular kk has no engraving on the shields, the CKK has.

The ball bearings inside the kk are different, in the regular ones, they are silver stainless balls with a cage, while in the CKK, they appear as blackish grayish balls with a cage…

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ahhhhhhhhhhh, niiiiiice. Thank you, man, that was the first helpful piece of information I’ve recieved pertaining to the subject. Yeah, it’s hard to see the balls because they are covered up by the things that hold them in place, but the edges of the balls that you can see look darker and there is DEFINITELY a little engraving on them, so they must be the real thing. btw, how safe is it to run the ceramic kk dry? Will it last a good little while?

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I recommend running the CKK completely dry at all times. To clean it(which you shouldn’t really have to do) just use compressed air.

Really? wow i lightly lube my ceramics…

well now i know… :smiley:


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I suggest you buy some really cheap bearings and clean them. Then you will get an awesome throw!