KonKave Ceramic Bearing????

I am thinking about replacing my stock yyf bearing for my skyline i was wondering if the konkave is good and is it worth it???

There’s a lot of debate over bearings. Some people say leave it, it’s fine, others have really die-hard views on the subject. Some people hate the KK’s, some people love them. Some say ceramics aren’t worth the money.

Here’s what I think:

I think ceramics are a waste of money. So, I think that would be a waste of money. You can easily get a regular ball bearing for less and for yoyos, it should last you just as long. Well, they say the ceramic can last longer and they are probably right, but for the costs, it’s not worth it to me.

Onto the KK’s shape, some people say it bunches the string, some say it doesn’t. I don’t know, I don’t care. I know my Protostar and DieNasty use the convave bearing I think, and I don’t seem to have any string bunching issues, but I’m also not tossing down massive layers of string either yet. I suppose the shapes were chosen for a reason as a stock bearing in some yoyos. that doesn’t mean you can’t put something else in there.

Just keep in mind, if you’re trying out bearings to try to resolve some sort of issue, most often the issue can be resolved by working on your throw. But if your throw is fine, then maybe you’re looking to refine your “game” and want to try different bearings. In that case, you want to spend LESS. Again, Terrapin X makes good stuff and doesn’t cost a whole lot. Similarly, other bearings aren’t all that expensive either. If you can find a non-ceramic version of what you’re looking for, that’s your trial bearing. If you really, really like it, then hey, get the ceramic if you want.

Also, I hear that running a ceramic bearing DRY causes less damage to the bearing than an all metal bearing run dry. I could be wrong.

Either way, I don’t see ceramics in my future for the time being. I’ve got plenty of spares.

Other than that, do what you want. It’s your money. I like Terrapin X bearings, especially the wing cut bearings.

thanks man that really helped i will probly just stick to mine

The style of play also matters greatly in what type of bearing is best suited to you. If you don’t have alot of string layers in your tricks or dont go blindingly fast then the kk bearing is a good choice. Alot of people say it is a gimic bearing and that it sucks but the truth is it does exactly what it sais it will do. It centers the string on the bearing and it does it well. I have used a kk and a kk ceramic and the ceramic did spin smoother but only slightly. If you do alot of tricks that are like ladder escape and haddock then the kk is a wonderful bearing.

Also if you try alot of diffrent bearings then you can find what works for you. Allthough if you are a noob then testing the bearings capabilities and limits is not that easy because you are just starting out, not that it can’t be done though. hope I helped.

Thanks Studio42 for all the positive words but most throwers find a vast difference between TX steel and the ceramic/hybrid in performance.
If you Google Terrapin X bearings you will find many reviews by people that have both.

And yes they last much longer and the ones I use never require any lubricant.

I personally have never noticed a difference in play between any concave and flat bearings, which may be why i prefer 10 ball over anything and everything. The KK is a quality bearing no doubt, but i don’t think the extra 5 bucks is worth it. In the end, don’t worry too much and just throw!

Ceramic bearings are damn expensive. Stainless steel is pretty much all you need.

When it comes to concaved or flat, there’s a different in feel. A concaved bearing will center the string for you, but it will also center every layer of string.

I still use stock bearings in all of my yoyos (granted I don’t have that many). I’ve yet to come across a bearing that displeases me in any way.

If by concave, we’re talkin shape of the bearing track, then the Northstar I just received has a concave style bearing, didn’t know this was standard on any yo yo’s. =O KK is the company ya’ll are talkin about though ain’t it?

And from what I’ve read, lube is harmful to ceramic bearings, because the material absorbs the oil instead of just using it to reduce friction, which makes them swell, slowing it down overall. (Makes sense to me, lemme know if it’s wrong though.)

So it’s best to just play with as they come, and let em break in and get smoother on their own.

And i’m still on my first yo yo that actually uses a ball bearing, and i’m by no means a scientist, so I couldn’t tell ya overall if there’s a major difference in ceramic vs stainless steel.

Ceramics won’t absorb anything.

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So…the note in this websites shop is wrong?

The KonKave bearing from Dif-E-Yo is a smoother way to play with your yo-yos. Just replace the stock bearing with this bearing and your yo-yo will be smooth and unresponsive just like the pros like it.

Ceramic bearings are known for smoother and longer spin times and also tend to last longer then traditional stainless steel bearings.

Note: Ceramic bearings do not require lube. The balls would actually absorb the lube causing them to slow down. With ceramic bearings the more you play them the smoother they will continue to spin!In Stock

EDIT: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/61/KonKave-Ceramic-Bearing

Slowing down and swelling are two different things…

Don’t argue with Icthus. He knows a lot more and is a lot more experienced. The lube just slows down the bearing. The advantage of ceramics is they can be played very dry with having problems with the bearing.

I use only center trac as they are built with more structural integrity than a difeyo kk. But imo, kks provide smoother play than cts. Everyone has a different opinion, but if u enjoy the bearing in a protostar or northstar, get a Center Trac. Also, I have a question: if from the moment u buy a ct abd u play it dry immediately, what is then the bearing life gonna be? I know theres variables, but I yoyo an average of 3 hrs a day.

It’ll probably last quite a while. Lube actually helps the bearing last longer though. I’ve never had to replace a bearing before except when I break them with pliers.

I stand behind my statement 100%.

You are 100% correct…

Thank you sir. :slight_smile:

Not trying to argue with your experience, but could ya explain why? Why would this forums shop put that in the note if it is in fact not true?

That’s a good question. If you check out ceramic KK adds on other online stores they say other things.
The u-groove ceramic bearings Dif-E-Yo gets from the manufacture come lubed.
The ceramic bearings I use, both from the US and the UK, do too.

The person who wrote that most likely read it on a yoyo forum.
I’m surprised it doesn’t also say they melt in lighter fluid.

I stand behind my statement, and icthus and fjh…