ceramic vs konkave bearing

what do you think is better price dosent matter i just wanna know what to get to put in my DM

I think the bearing in your DM is better.

Get both. There IS a ceramic konkave, you know.

I love the stock YoYoJam bearings. I don’t know why you would want to change them.

i would like to change my bearing for longer spintimes and for smoother play

Break that stock bearing in and you won’t have a problem with either of your wants. I have some stock YYJ bearings that are my best bearings.

Adding the ceramic will do very little to your “sleep time,” especially when compared to what making your throw better will do (oh yeah, and breaking it in, like Icthus said). The YYJ bearings are great and putting in a different bearing won’t make the yoyo any smoother.

If you really want to drop the extra $$$ on something unneeded like that, I guess go ceramic koncave, but it won’t do near as much as you would like to think it does.

Also, if you make a poll, maybe it could be answerable and sensible instead of randomness? Thanks.

what do you meant by breaking it in? and how?

Basically, getting the excess lube worked out of it. You do it by just playing with it.

I have a ceramic konkave and I have yet to keep it in any of my throws (Lyn Fury, Dark Magic, Superstar and Boss) for more than an hour each. I haven’t broken the ceramic KonKave bearing in yet, so maybe it makes a difference, but so far I just don’t like the way it makes my throw respond and I really prefer the play (so far at least) of the stock YYJ and YYF bearings. The KonKave may help with centering the string, but I have yet to notice that effect.

Like others have stated, I agree that it really is more about your throw.

The ceramic bearings really don’t have a break in time. There is no lube to break in. If I were you I’d sell it to the OP. :stuck_out_tongue:

i voted for the top one for fun