10 Ball Bearing Review

Okay, the 10 ball. This bearing is from one drop, and it has 10 steel balls, while normal bearings only have 8. In play, this bearing is amazing. It is way smoother than the 8 balls, not causing as much vibe, and almost dead silent. Only a little buzz. Kind of like how your computer sounds when you turn it on. In volume. The bearing also spins longer than a 8 ball, or at least to me. Flicking the two bearings, the 10 ball easily spins longer, by around 5 seconds. Pros and Cons time I guess!

Cheap, $10
Longer Spin

Nothing, but I guess it isn’t a KK. Which is a good and bad. Because compared to a ten ball, KKs are screaming elephants charging into your house. But KK keeps the string away from the response, which also lengthens spin time. I have never used a KK, but I don’t plan on buying one because I like quiet bearings better, not a screechy one. Quietness is the only reason why I lube all my bearings, so I guess it depends on you.

Comparison of KK, 10 Ball, and 8 Ball.

KK keeps the string away from the side, but is loud. By keeping string away from the sides, it gives better spin times, and helps during multiple string layer tricks.

10 Ball is silent, spins longer, and is smooth.

8 ball is medium loud, and doesn’t have any real advantages, although I can get all my tricks done on a 8 ball, I like a 10 ball because of silence and smoothness. Like a ninja sneaking up for a kill.

This review is decent, but the comparison I think was not accurate.

Firstly, you said you didn’t even use a KK, so a comparison with a KK in it from you wouldn’t be super accurate.

The sound matter, if I wanted to, I could get a 10-Ball MUCH louder than a KK, you just need lube. KKs in a case can be silent also.

Other than that, the review was quite good. Short and sweet.

I Agree

I have a 10ball bearing and that thing is smooth! Smoothest bearing i ever had. It was so silent. When i cleaned and lubed it got a little louder but it was still super smooth a kind of quiet.

I also have a KK and that thing is also smooth but has a little sound to it. I cleaned and lubed it and it did get a little louder but it was still smooth also.

I think the 10ball bearing is actually better than the KK because it as a longer spin time,it’s much smoother, and is very quiet. I would recommend the 10ball bearing to anyone, and everyone should have one.