can anyone tell me where to buy a 10-ball barring cause i just ordered a M1 and it doesnt have the 10-ball it has an 8 and i wanted to see wht it was like with a 10 and is the aigr better then the 10 ball?

Again. The amount of balls in a bearing doesn’t matter. I have old cheap yyj bearings that i get over 7 minute spins on. I also have a 10 ball thay won’t go over 4 minutes.

In yoyos, a bearing is a bearing is a bearing.

ok thank you ill just stick with the barring thats in it

Bearing maintenance can make a huge difference, there are some great tuts around the forums on how to clean a bearing. Also using thin or thick lube can really change how the bearing responds

ithcus,youre totaly right.but ive actualy done a sience project on this and got an A.the more balls in the bearing actualy helps in two ways.it increases speed of the bearing giving it a longer time to slow down wich leads to longer spin times.also,its a lot quieter because it has less friction due to the bigger amount of balls.ithcus is right because all bearings get dry and get noisey after some play.if you were to compare two brand new bearings,a 10 ball and 8 ball,the 10 ball would be longer spining and 10 times quieter.if they were both dry the 8 ball would be better because there are less dry balls causing less friction.thats the best i can explain it.ive gotten this from a project so correct me if im wrong.
hope this helps.