Is there any difference between the yye berring and the one drop 10 ball?


The standard YYE size C bearing has only 8 balls in it, whereas the OD ten ball has, well, ten balls in it. There is some differences with these two types of bearings. First of all, ten balls are typically much quieter when in a yoyo. However, it also seems that ten balls require more maintenance, which is not too bad. IMO, it also seems like the ten balls play slightly smoother. Feel free to correct me as I’m going with my personal experiences with my ten ball.

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Absolutely true.


10-balls theoretically spin longer than 8-balls, too. Since there’s more ball bearings to distribute the friction of running against the outer race, meaning less friction per ball and resulting in longer spins.


Sooo what is your favorite


12-ball bearings ;D


What!! 12 ball what one is that?


It was a joke. Pretty sure they dont exist.


Ones that spin, unresponsive, and fits in my yoyo

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The first is all you need, the latter is not needed at all.



The first is fine, the second is just a luxury.



You actually just need a bunch of ripped up plastic bags, no bearing required.


I just play with whatever came stock. I’m really not too picky when it comes to bearings (and even yoyos in general).

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bearings aren’t too big a deal as long as it plays unresponsive. Its unlikely that very many people could tell the difference between the two in a blind throw test.


Thanks guys


I like buddha ripple bearings, and 10 balls. If I feel my throw isn’t smooth enough, I pop in a 10 ball. I like Buddha ripples, because they are grooved like a center trac, to keep the string centered, and they are also a kk bearing at the same time.


If you have a Centertrac bearing with a groove in it, you have a bearing that is rarer than a Monkey that can speak French.