what makes 10 balls smooth?


I dont know much about bearings. I obviously know how the string gets centered on some bearings, but what makes 10 balls smooth? How does adding 2 of those balls change anything?


I believe it is because the friction is evenly distributed along 2 additional balls, so each ball has less friction from the spinning bearing.


Less force is put on each “ball” if you add more, smaller ones.

I think the difference in ODs 10-ball is not the fact that it has 2 more balls than a standard bearing, but its just a high quality bearing well chosen for our needs.


Because 10 is 2 more than 8.

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What about ceramic bearings?


There’s plenty of 8balls that are just as smooth


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Haha bro I was fooling around you. I know quite a bit about yoyos themselves, but don’t exactly have a “real” one. Only this Duncan imperial one that my mom got from Walgreens. Hehe. I’ve been studying up quite nicely. I ordered a New Velocity, 2? I think, days ago, should be here in 2-5 days

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also are there any real bearings with more than 10 balls


Sure, I work with ones that have hundreds of balls regularly.

Granted the diameter is a wee bit bigger than yo-yo bearings…or yo-yos.


it was implied that I meant yoyo bearings…


No. You said are there any real bearings with more than 10 balls. And Nathan replied yes, there are. Nothing was implied.


Quit playing word games and taking people out of context. Clearly he was speaking in the context of yoyos since we are on a yoyo forum talking about yoyos.


Actually I thought it was a side question about general bearings.

To answer PAPO’s question in a yo-yo context, I have not seen any yo-yo bearings with more than 10 balls. I don’t think there is any particular reason why one couldn’t be made with more balls but it would be adding complexity with no real performance gain that I can see off hand.


The number of bearing in the bearing is irrelevant as long as the bearings are capable of handling the load put on them and the bearings sufficiently cover the inner race to distribute that load evenly.

What is important is manufacturing tolerances used when making the bearing. When the bearing is made, its specs are defined by the consumer as being of a certain grade. The higher the grade, the more capable the bearing is. Smoothness is achieved when the bearing tolerance is sufficiently high. This measure is subjective. What is “smooth” for the dynamo race on the electric generators at the Hoover Dam, may not be “smooth” on a yoyo string.

Many manufacturers offer 8-ball and 10-ball bearings. OneDrop does not make these bearings, they buy them from large industrial manufacturers or distributors. The quality specs and consistency of the product is the contribution of OneDrop.

On that note; I have found OneDrop 10-balls to be very smooth and quiet right out of the box. After a few weeks, however, they tend to get noisy. They remain smooth but only a drop of VM4 will quiet them down once the noise starts. Other bearings from other manufacturers seem to keep their quality on a consistent, long-term basis without the need for lube. A trivial thing, I know. But I throw a lot at night and noise is an issue for me.