Are yoyofactory spec bearings good and how many ball bearings do they have

Are yoyofactory spec bearings good and how many ball bearings do they have PM me With Info

they have 8 balls in them

They are decent bearings; nothing special.

Both of mine have eight balls in the. Though, the number of balls doesn’t really affect anything.

all normal bearings except the bigyo 2 bearing and the ten ball bearings have 8 balls i believe

and imo the 10 balls are better then most bearings

yes the yyf bearing have 8 balls within the bearing race, these bearings are good, but the more balls in the race the less wear will occure to the balls with more of the wear evenly spread over 10 balls rather that 8. Basically a 10 ball bearing will last longer than an 8 ball bearing

For the billionth time… the number of balls in the bearing has NO IMPACT on how long a bearing will last, how well it will perform, or any other ridiculous thing kids make up.

The reason the onedrop bearings are good, is because they are good bearings… it makes no difference if they were 8, 10, or 20000 ball bearings. (ok, 20,000 might make a difference…)



That would be one large bearing Kyle. lol

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well actually the guy that said a 10 ball bearing will last longer is right so why dont you be queiet if you odnt know what your talking about and if you want proof i have yoyos one with an 8 ball and one iwth a 10 ball and the 10 ball has lasted longer so be quiet thanks

If you are addressing Kyo then you are the one who needs to be quiet

Kyo is clearly right yoyolunatic.


Lol… Wow Lunatic. Hey and start using proper grammar. In all your sentences you just jumble all the words together. It’s annoying!

Yoyolunatic. Kyo is right. Now is a severe heat and high stress situation the amount of balls may be a factor. Problem is there is no heat nor any stress in a yoyo. It’s all free spin. Kyo has also done extensive research on things like this. I did as well trying to prove him wrong. I failed. He is right.

i have proof and i dont care if my grammer is wrong.its over the internet.i could understand if it was a english paper but its the internet, so just get over it.i have a b in english so please be queit.and i have a 10 ball and a spec and the 10 ball works way better but okay

Your sample size is too small to hold any scientific value.

And what about this being the internet changes the need for coherent grammar and spelling?

it wont effect my life at all if i spell how you doing like howyadoin
i would deff spell everything right on a english final or something(well right to my knowlegde) but im not going to dye if i spell sontime rong eh i man i dent kare er unytang ahaha sorry i had to do that

I would highly suggest using proper English seeing as it is completely within and supported by the rules for any moderator to delete your posts.


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I love the rules!

Also he’s not talking about how you spell a word wrong. He’s talking about how your whole post is terribly hard to read for someone that doesn’t speak English as their first language. Show them a little respect. Give them a chance at reading what you are saying.

My Terrapin 5x11x5mm has 9 balls.

Grammar is good. Spelling is good.
I spend about five minutes trying to decipher your secret code. ;D

Bearings are bearings, but tenballs seem to be special, maybe its better quality materials or somthing…