Question about yoyoJam bearings.

I was wondering if the speed bearing they say is in the Dark Magic II is the same as the SPEED Bearing they sell separately that has 10 balls.

Yes and no.

It is the speed bearing,

But it has eight, not ten balls.


Also, is the YYJ 10 ball as good as the One Drop I’ve been hearing of?

YYJ doesn’t use 10 balls. The bearings One Drop uses are supposed to be really good, but I don’t know. Mine is very pesky.

If they exist, probably. Parts is parts.

Ummm, yes, I just took the guy’s word for it, but I don’t see anyy YYJ 10 balls listed.

Read the part about the Size C SPEED bearing.

A common issue with the yoyo community. They think, “The more balls the baring has, the better.” This is NOT true. The MORE PRECISE the bearing is made, the better. The only reason the OD 10-ball has 10 balls is because it has a thicker inner race, causing the balls to be smaller, causing there to be more of them.

All my YYJ bearings have 10-balls in them. Except for 1 slim bearing, which has 8.

They are NOT OD 10-Ball bearings. They do have 10 balls in them.

Weird. All MY YYJ bearings have 8 balls. Except my slim bearings, which have 10.

They actually just started making the speed bearings ten ball so if you bought your yyj before that it has an 8 ball

Then I stand by my original statement - parts is parts.

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Oh so they just started making ten ball bearings? Mine are old than. :stuck_out_tongue: