10 ball bearings ???

  • Whats so special about them?
  • why are they better than a CT?

instead of the normal 8 balls the 10 ball (guess it) has ten. meaning smoother quieter long lasting spins. as ive heard it is silent.

yea i understand that it has 10 but why dose that make it better than a like, a spec or CT bearing?

Some people say it’s smoother and quieter than spec and CT bearings, even though it’s a matter of preference.

super quite

it is flat unlike the CT, so if your throws aren’t totally straight, CT may be better, but if your throws are straight, 10ball supposedly spins quieter and longer.

IMO, They play 10X better than a CT. I don’t like the CT all that much. It’s just a flashy flat bearing with some angles so the string doesn’t touch the response, which isn’t really a large factor with unsresponsive yoyos, unless the response is snaggy. Also, CT are rather loud. Get a 10 Ball, you won’t be sorry. They last long, play incredibly well, come from a great company, and are pretty silent when lubed.